‘Wizards & Wagons’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Wizards & Wagons.

1. Talk to People

Wizards and Wagons

• People around the world can provide useful hints. Some may even offer quests with fantastic rewards to boot. If you can’t remember what they said, just tap the “Rumors” button on the world map: it keeps track of what was said and where.

2. Maintain a Healthy Relationship With The Guild

Wizards and Wagons

• Guild quests are fantastic ways to make a quick buck. Check with the local town Guild for any assignments you might be able to complete along the way. If none are suitable, you may camp for a few days and wait for new assignments. The Guild also allows you to borrow coin, but at a hefty interest rate. Still, loans are great for getting you out of a rut when your coffers are empty or when you need just a bit more to take advantage of a trading opportunity. As you build trust, the Guild may be more generous with its loans and allow you to take on more quests simultaneously.

3. Make Use of Town Info Panels

Wizards and Wagons

• Every town has an info panel on the world map that shows the equipment you can buy, the goods produced by the town, and the goods that are in demand at the time. If you find it difficult to determine a good by looking at its icon, just tap the icon on the top right of the info panel and you get a full screen display instead. Also, if you see an arrow pointing upward near the goods icon, this means that either supply has increased for a good produced in town (and you can get it even cheaper) or that the town is willing to pay a very high price for a good. This is a perfect chance to make a profit!

4. Accumulate These Town Perks

Wizards and Wagons

• Each town has a number of perks — each of which is unlocked when you fulfill its associated condition. The bonuses that are provided by each perk may be small, but every bit helps!

5. Check Your Calendar

Wizards and Wagons

• There are annual festivals and events in each town that may greatly affect the prices and availability of goods. If you have visited a town during a festival, the associated date will be marked on your calendar. Tap the calendar icon on the top left of the world map for a reminder showing when the next event will occur. Paying attention to festivals and other events is an easy way to turn a profit!