‘Bebop Puzzle Beat’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Bebop Puzzle Beat.

1. Make a Chain Train

Bebop Puzzle Beat

• Connect tiles of the same color to start a chain. The more tiles you connect successively, the longer the chain will be. Run out of that type of tile? Continue the chain by connecting other colors! Just don’t let the previous chain disappear before you start on the new one!

2. Cross The (Combo) Lines to Go BOOM!

Bebop Puzzle Beat

• Crossing the Combo lines is an advanced technique, but it’s well worth your time to master it. Just make two Combo lines cross paths and the tile beneath will explode, thereby taking all nearby tiles with it. This racks up a massive score and guess what? If you cross more than just two lines, the explosion will be HUGE!

3. Timing is Everything

Bebop Puzzle Beat

• Pressing your finger down on the screen will make the spinning speed decrease. If you hold on for too long though, a number of tiles will appear and the screen will go back to its current speed. The trick is to get the hang of how long you can press down and then release at the very last moment. Once the screen starts to accelerate again, press down with short, controlled bursts. In the meantime, try to match as many tiles as you can!

4. No Tiles? No Problem!

Bebop Puzzle Beat

• Sometimes you need to score a lot of points really fast and there aren’t enough tiles on the screen. When that happens, just press down for a while and a number of tiles will appear. Alternatively, eliminating all tiles from the screen will make a few more take their place!

5. To Move Forward, You’ve Gotta Go Back (Sometimes)!

Bebop Puzzle Beat

• If you’re playing without the Master Key, you need a certain amount of notes to access Boss stages. If the last few levels were too tough to get more than one note in each, try heading back to earlier levels in which you may have missed a few. You ought to have improved a lot since then, so getting a 3-note rating in these should be a little easier.

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