‘StormBorn: War of Legends’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for StormBorn: War of Legends.

1. Garrison Upgrade

StormBorn: War of Legends

• Level up your Garrison to increase your Army size! Higher level Garrison allows you to bring more heroes to battle. And Garrison level 3 lets you bring the 5 Leaders with Ultimate Abilities!

2. Abilities

StormBorn: War of Legends

• Abilities are the key to combat! Unleash them wisely to turn the tide of battle! And if you use them close together you can do Combos!

3. Train Heroes

StormBorn: War of Legends

• Train your Heroes in the House of Iron, House of Ravens, and House of Scrolls! Leveling up is one of the best ways to increase power!

4. Make Beasts Stronger

StormBorn: War of Legends

• Make your Beasts stronger by Researching them in the Laboratory! Then bring them to Battle to dominate!

5. Hero Traits

StormBorn: War of Legends

• Remember to upgrade your heroes’ traits with Coins! Super important way to increase stats!



Ted E.

Thanks for the article, it helped a lot! I know people usually discourage against using cheats in games, but sometimes.. you just need to. It can get so frustrating otherwise. I also check different websites to look for cheats for Storm Born. I’d highly recommend castlecheats.com/stormborn. It has other games also!


I found a working cheat for stormborn. I got unlimited everything by following teh instructions here: cheatgeeks.com/cheat671

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