5 Pocket Mortys Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top five Pocket Mortys tips, tricks, cheats you need to know for iOS and Android:


Pocket Mortys

• If you’ve played any of the Pokemon games extensively, then Pocket Mortys’ concept should immediately make sense. Each Morty sticks to a certain elemental type – Normal, Rock, Paper and Scissors. So you should already know which character type is stronger against and what they’re main weakness is. As you hop into other dimensions, you’ll come upon all types of hilariously named Mortys. Of course, you’re going to want to add a Morty of each element to your growing stable.

• Morty Manipulator Chips act just like Pokeball’s – once you tire out a Morty, weaken it in battle and attach this item to it, you have a higher chance of adding it to your party. Once you gather a nice amount of Mortys, make sure you utilize some of them by evolving and duplicating them to create even better Mortys. Battle other trainers, take on the dimension’s boss trainer and get your badges. Beating the Council of Ricks is your ultimate goal. Mortys stop leveling at Level 100, but you can keep upgrading their attack/defense stats over time. And make sure you have a reliable party before you start hunting for the much rarer Mortys.

2. There’s a Cheap, But Extremely Worthwhile Method That Will Get You Through the Game’s Early Periods

Pocket Mortys

WriterParty knows just how difficult it can be to make your way through the game’s starting portions unscathed. They broke down a method that may be more helpful for players who want to exploit those 1st few dimensions. Sticking to this method will help you acquire enough experience and items to finally defeat a boss Rick after repeatedly returning to their dimension:

There is a little bit of grinding to do early on in the game, and the easiest way to get it done is to fight all of the Morty trainers early on, and then lose to the Rick at the end of the level. You’ll keep all of the Schmeckles, items, Mortys and experience points that you earned when you fought in the level. There’s no real need to use the Blips and Chitz tickets; everything that you need can be earned from within the game.

3. Sometimes It’s Best to Avoid the Gaze of Other Morty Trainers

Pocket Mortys

• Morty trainers act just like Pokemon trainers – if you happen to walk right in front of them and catch their gaze, you’ll automatically get into a battle. It’s in your best interest to take these challenges head on when you’re in the process of trying to level up your party. But sometimes you’re much better off avoiding these fights altogether if your Mortys are low on health. Try to sneak past them if you find yourself in danger of getting wiped out with a single hit from a trainer’s Morty. You might just want to head straight to the Rick guarding the portal and take them down ASAP. Avoid unnecessary battles and immediately take out the boss in some instances.

4. Try and Collect All the Items in Every Dimension

Pocket Mortys

• Every time you hop into a new dimension, explore it fully. Not only are their trainers to battle and wild Mortys to collect, there’s a bunch of items just sitting on the ground waiting to be picked up. You’re more likely to gather the items designated for crafting purposes in each dimension you enter.

5. Get Real Familiar With All The Item Crafting Recipes

Pocket Mortys

• Item crafting will help you out in the toughest of situations. You’re going to need to keep your Mortys alive with Serums, refuel them with AP for their abilities with Plutonic Rocks and acquire Morty Manipulator Chips in order to collect more Mortys. There’s a ton of other items you can create with the collectibles you’ll gather out in that open world and use to create more helpful goods. Check out the list below to see what goodies you’ll derive from specific item crafting recipes:

Morty Manipulator Chip: Supercharged Battery + Circuit Board + Tin Can
Serum: Battery + Fleeb
Great Serum: Battery + Purified Fleeb
Sensational Serum: Supercharged Battery + Serum
Pure Serum: Supercharged Battery + Great Serum
Plutonic Rock: Battery + Bacteria Cell
Pure Plutonic Rock: Battery + Mutant Bacteria Cell
Halzinger: Battery + Fleeb + Bacteria Cell
Pure Halzinger: Battery + Purified Fleeb + Mutant Bacteria Cell
Level Up Mega Seed: Attack Mega Seed + Defense Mega Seed + Speed Mega Seed
Battery: Tin Can + Cable + Fleeb
Supercharged Battery: Battery + Turbulent Juice Tube
Microverse Battery: Supercharged Battery + Motherboard + Dark Matter Ball
Purified Fleeb: Fleeb + Turbulent Juice Tube
Mutant Bacteria Cell: Bacteria Cell + Turbulent Juice Tube
Dark Energy Ball: Fleeb + Bacteria Cell
Dark Matter Ball: Dark Energy Ball + Turbulent Juice Tube
Motherboard: Battery + Circuit + Cable
Dog Collar: Cable + Tin Can
Love Potion: Purified Fleeb + Mutant Bacteria Cell
Robot: Supercharged Battery + Motherboard
Butter Robot: Robot + Tin Can
Gwendolyn Doll: Robot + Love Potion
Time Crystal: Purified Fleeb + Dark Energy Ball
Time Stabilising Collar: Time Crystal + Dog Collar
Interdimensional Cable Box: Supercharged Battery + Motherboard + Time Crystal
Neutrino Bomb: Supercharged Battery + Motherboard + Dark Energy Ball
Interdimensional Goggles: Supercharged Battery + Time Crystal + Tin Can
IQ Enhancing Helmet: Supercharged Battery + Motherboard + Turbulent Juice Tube
Roy VR Headset: Interdimensional Goggles + IQ Enhancing Helmet

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