WATCH: E3 2016 PC Gaming Show Live Stream

The 1st annual PC Gaming Show may not have been the most exciting press conference at last year’s E3. But it started a trend that can only get better with time.

Now that we’ve arrived at E3 2016, it’s time for that PC games focused exposition to take the stage once again. The 2016 PC Gaming Show will once again be presented by the fine folks at PC Gamer. This live stream program is already planning to feature PC development teams such as Bohemia Interactive, Relic Entertainment/SEGA, Studio Wildcard, TaleWorlds Entertainment, Torn Banner Studios and Tripwire Interactive. Plus the hosting duties have been handed down to Sean “Day[9]” Plott. You can also expect to see some special appearances from a few PC gaming luminaries.

Let’s all get a taste of the next slate of content planned for PC games with this live stream of the 2016 PC Gaming Show.

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