‘Pokémon Go’: Top 10 Team Valor Wallpapers, Desktop & Mobile

Team Valor is driven by a thirst for power. (Niantic)

Team Valor fans compare the group to House Targaryen from ‘Game of Thrones.’ (Niantic)

Pokémon Go fanatics everywhere have chosen their sides, one of the most fierce being Team Valor. The in-game description for this team describes its philosophy as being driven by strength and passion, and Valor players have gained a reputation online for being the most competitive and driven.

Valor members have gathered together online on several fan communities including the official subreddit, on which many creative users have put together wallpapers both for desktops and smartphones. Many of these use imagery from Game of Thrones, comparing Team Valor to House Targaryen. If you’re proud of your support for Moltres and the red team, why not show it off with some of these brilliant pieces of art?

From various Reddit users, here are some of the best Team Valor wallpapers so far. If you’re a Reddit user, be sure to go over and upvote the original posts for your favorites.

Desktop Wallpapers

Smartphone Wallpapers

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