PS Plus Free Games for September Includes ‘Journey’, ‘Lords of the Fallen’

The PlayStation Plus free games lineup has been revealed for the upcoming month of September.

Similar to Xbox Live Games With Gold, Playstation Plus offers subscribers a small selection of free games for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita every month. Unlike Xbox, however, there is no backwards compatibility, so you aren’t able to play the PS3 games on your PS4. They do provide a slightly larger offering, though, at six games instead of four – which is extremely generous considering most PlayStation users would probably subscribe to the service anyway.

Read on for a complete list of the free games available to PlayStation Plus members next month.

  • Lords of the Fallen (PS4): This is a third-person action role-playing game that is often compared to the Souls series, although slightly less difficult. You play as Harkyn, a convicted criminal given a chance at redemption when a demonic army sent by the long-ago defeated god Adyr invades the world. There are three different classes and a variety of weapons to choose from in your quest to save humanity from enslavement through a series of challenging, weapons-based combat encounters.
  • Journey (PS4, PS3): Indie developer Thatgamecompany first released Journey in 2012 for PS3, and it was rereleased for PS4 in 2015. This stunning, genre-defying indie game is one of the most highly acclaimed PlayStation games in recent memory for its highly artistic visuals and soundtrack. Players control a mysterious robed figure traveling through the desert, where they may encounter another player on their journey, although they cannot communicate in the traditional sense or see one another’s names.
  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (PS3): Although not a fan favorite of the Prince of Persia franchise, for a free game, The Forgotten Sands is worth checking out. It does contain many of the same features of other PoP games in the past, and it added new elemental powers into franchise for the first time.
  • Datura (PS3): Datura is mostly remembered as the PS3’s trippiest game and it felt more like a tech demo than a complete game. But, for the PS3 era, it’s a beautiful presentation that immerses you in a strange world. It’s worth playing for the strangeness of the opening scene, alone.
  • Badland (PS Vita, PS4, PS3): Badland is an absolute masterpiece that plays like a mobile game for your PS4. In fact, it won mobile game of the year from numerous outlets. It sports silhouette-inspired visuals, and it’s a hallmark of excellence.
  • Amnesia: Memories (PS Vita): Amnesia: Memories is one of the highest rated visual novels on Steam (sporting a full 10/10 from over 917 reviewers), and it holds a similar rating on Google Play. Memories is an accessible and enjoyable experience that contains a beautiful and unforgettable love story, the type that’s rarely told in video games.

Of course, Lords of the Fallen is an RPG that plays similarly to the Dark Souls franchise (albeit not to the same extent of difficulty), and it will serve as a good primer for the recently announced Lords of the Fallen 2. Journey is one of the most frequently recommended games among gamers. It’s clear that Sony has heard the plea for better PS Plus games, if at least only for September.

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