‘Destiny’: Where and When is the MLG Livestream?

Destiny The Taken King


Bungie and MLG will be hosting the first ever Destiny livestream competition today, marking the first time that this franchise has ever truly entered the competitive scene. With the introduction of private matches, thanks to the Rise of Iron expansion, the eSports scene for Destiny has begun to explode. Today is an important milestone for this franchise’s competitive future and it starts today at 10:00 Pacific Time on the official MLG Twitch.

As we speak, viewers are piling up in the chatrooms eagerly awaiting their favorite players and community members compete against each other. Now whether this will help Destiny cultivate a strong competitive scene is yet to see, because we have to remember this is, in fact, a three-year-old game. However, with the sequel set for a 2017 release date this could be the first push for destiny becoming a major player within the eSports space.