‘Pokemon Go’ Daily Quests: When Will the Feature Be Available?

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When will daily quests be available in Pokemon Go? (Niantic)

Pokemon Go fans have uncovered datamined code in the latest 0.43.3 version that might indicate daily quests are coming to the popular Niantic game. However, Niantic hasn’t confirmed this yet and the information is still being debated.

Here’s what you need to know.

The website Pokemon Go Hub reported that it had datamined the global-metadata.dat dump and discovered code related to Daily Quests. Pokemon Go trainers on Reddit’s The Silph Road are taking the news cautiously. In their thread about the data mining, The Silph Road posters noted that the Hub website is blacklisted from Reddit because of past reports that ended up being misleading. However, they added: “But in this case, there is a legitimate news item here – ‘quest’ code beginning to appear in the APK. We’ll leave this article so folks know this is likely coming.”

If the information about the code that’s been released is correct, then the Daily Quests could be implemented at any time. Just like the coding for the “Nearby” tracker, the code for the Daily Quests may already be in the game, just waiting to be made available to everyone server-side. This means you wouldn’t have to wait for an update to see the Daily Quests. It also means that Niantic could geo-lock the Daily Quests like they’ve done for the Nearby Tracker feature, which is only available in San Francisco.

According to Pokemon Go Hub, the code indicates that the quests will include a “First Catch of the Day” and a “First Pokestop of the Day.” The rewards aren’t clear, but at least one might be an incubator. There might also be a “streak bonus,” where you get rewards for completing a streak of Daily Quests. However, all of this information is simply what’s been gleaned so far and hasn’t been confirmed by Niantic. There’s still a chance that the quests might not end up being implemented or might be implemented differently. For example, players who datamined the Pokemon Go Buddy system found that the number of candies they thought would be rewarded were, ultimately, wrong.

So it appears Daily Quests could be made available at any time. However, it’s worth noting that there are other items that have been datamined in Pokemon Go that still haven’t been implemented. Trading has been spotted, along with legendary Pokemon, for more than two months, for example.

If you’ve heard more about the Daily Quest feature, let us know in the comments below.

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Just caught an Evee at 23:24 pm in the UK and got 500 XP for First catch of the day even though I caught stuff earlier, the apps not updated since then n there was no notice bout any changes

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