Ultra Beasts vs. Human Forms: ‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ Data Mine Confirms Hybrids?

pokemon ultra beasts, village chiefs, aether foundation, pokemon sun moon leaks

(Reddit / 2016-6-12)

With the hacking of the Pokemon Sun & Moon demo by 4chan users, a comparison chart between the village trainers and Aether Foundation members vs. Ultra Beasts seems to confirm Pokemon-human fusions.

Above is a comparison chart showing how similar the Ultra Beasts are to previously introduced characters, including Lillie and Hala, who gives the hero their first Pokemon.

As one Redditor puts it, Guzma, the leader of Team Skull, “is a straight up replica” of one of the Ultra Beasts.

Previous fan theories have suggested that Ultra Beasts are Pokemon-human hybrids, but the latest data mine all but confirms it.

However, it’s still unknown if it Ultra Beasts are actually Pokemon despite appearing in the Alola PokeDex.

The wording on the official Pokemon website on whether or not Ultra Beasts can be considered Pokemon is confusing. Ultra Beast 1 (UB-01) is not listed with the other new Pokemon on the official website. The official description reads “In the Alola region, rumors are flying about mysterious creatures known as Ultra Beasts. Ultra Beasts possess mighty powers and could pose a threat to humans and Pokemon, so they are feared…

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