‘Pokemon Go’: Photos of the New Pokemon


‘Pokemon Go’ is available for iOS and Android devices. (Niantic)

Several new Pokemon have been added to Pokemon Go, and trainers everywhere are scrambling to be the first to catch them all.

From the moment the announcement was made, we knew that Pichu and Togepi would be available, only being obtainable through hatching eggs. However, Niantic also mentioned that more Pokemon other than these two could be hatched, and so trainers subsequently tried to hatch egg after egg in order to figure out what other Pokemon they could get.

So far, it seems that a select few baby Pokemon have been released today, with some users being lucky enough to hatch them within the first few hours. Thanks to them, fans around the world can get a glimpse at the new creatures in action.

First, a user of the Silph Road subreddit with the username robotnik92 posted the following photo showing that they hatched Igglybuff from a 2km egg:

Next up, Reddit user PR3DA7oR came upon this Cleffa, hatching it once again from a 2km egg:

Then, Reddit user Youregrounded was the first to be able to hatch Pichu, this time from a 5km egg.

Also coming from a 5km egg was Togepi, with this one being hatched by Reddit user code0011:

Reddit user depthcharge posted this photo of an Elekid, which was obtained from a 10km egg:

Reddit user row_black hatched a Magby from a 10km egg:

And finally, Reddit user CyberWelfare hatched a Smoochum from a 10km egg:

Check back in soon for more pictures of the new Pokemon as they are discovered.

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