‘Pokemon Go’: When Does the Christmas Event Start and End?

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Holiday can now be captured in Pokemon Go. (Niantic)

Pokemon Go trainers will be able to experience a special Christmas event this month. When does this event begin and end?

According to an announcement made on Niantic’s website today, the Christmas event began on Monday, December 12th, and it will run until Thursday, December 29th at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time. 

What is the Christmas event, exactly? Well, right now it just involves the ability to catch a limited edition Pikachu wearing a Santa hat. But Pikachu spawns will also be increased during this time, so it’s also just a good opportunity to stock up on a bunch of Pikachu whether or not you’re actually excited about the whole Santa hat thing.

This is the third holiday event that Niantic has brought to Pokemon Go, with the first two being Halloween and Thanksgiving. Both of those were rather successful, helping to attract some players back to the game after they had lost interest.

It’s unclear if the Santa Pikachu is the extent of the Christmas event, but it would certainly not be surprising to hear Niantic announce more holiday goodness in the days ahead. After all, the previous two special events arguably offered trainers even better bonuses than this Christmas one, and it would be surprising to see the Christmas special be the least valuable of them all. For Halloween, trainers could collect double candy, and for Thanksgiving, they could collect double XP and double Stardust. Then again, the value of more Pikachu spawns may vary depending on how common Pikachu is in your area.

Niantic is referring to the Santa-hat-wearing Pikachu as a limited edition version, and so presumably trainers will be able to hang on to it after the 29th. Also, evolving the Pikachu will not cause it to lose the hat; instead, the Raichu will just become festive as well.

This Christmas event launched at the same time that Niantic introduced several new baby Pokemon to the game.

Read more about the Pokemon Go Christmas event in Spanish at AhoraMismo.com:

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