6 Best Nintendo Switch Micro SD Cards: Your Buying Guide

best micro sd card for Nintendo Switch

Being that the Nintendo Switch only comes with 32GB of onboard memory and we know that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is already going to take up half of that, your best initial investment is going to be in micro SD cards. We know that the Switch can handle micro sd cards of up to 2TB, regardless of the fact that 2TB microSD cards don’t exist just yet. Still, it’s good to know that the Switch will be ready for when they do.

So, what kind of micro SD card do you need for the Nintendo Switch? Nintendo recommends UHS-1 cards, and there’s really not reason to buy anything beefier than that, as the minor difference in write speed when looking at, say, UHS-3 cards translates to virtually zilch when booting games.

It’s important to note that the performance of the majority of these cards as it pertains to the Switch is actually going to be virtually the same, despite how much you spend (or don’t spend) on the actual card. So, as long as the Micro SD card you’re planning to get for your Switch is a UHS-I (Ultra High Speed) card, your main focus here should be price and storage size.

For now, though, here are the top 6 best Nintendo Switch micro sd cards to expand your memory:

1. Samsung 128GB EVO Micro SDXC

nintendo switch micro sd cards

So, why get the Samsung 128GB EVO Micro SD card for your Nintendo Switch instead of the 256GB version? Simple. Price. The 256GB version of this card comes in at a whopping $200, while the 128GB version is just $39.99. That means you can get roughly four of the 128GB editions (that’s 512GB for those keeping score at home) for the same price as one 256GB, if you wanted to. But really, you likely won’t need much more than 128GB, especially to start out.

Price: $56.95

Buy the Samsung 128GB EVO Select Micro SDXC here.

2. SanDisk 128GB MicroSDXC UHS-I Card

Nintendo Switch sd cards

Especially right out of the gate, the best option for a Nintendo Switch micro SD card is to go with a 128GB micro SDXC card. The only difference between the Samsung card above and the SanDisk one here is that the Samsung has a transfer speed of up to 80 MB/s, whereas the SanDisk one can hit up to 90 MB/s. Big whoop, right? But I want to note that you’ll occasionally find the SanDisk 128GB card cheaper than the Samsung card, so just pay attention to the prices when comparing the two.

Price: $64.99

Buy the SanDisk 128GB MicroSDXC Card here.

3. PNY 200GB microSDXC Card w/ Adapter

micro sd card nintendo switch

PNY is typically considered a third-tier option when it comes to hard drives, but the pricing and reliability of their 200GB micro SDXC makes it one of the best Nintendo Switch micro sd cards available. For $79.99, you’re getting 200GB of storage — a price that isn’t going to be beaten at this point. With the PNY 200GB card, you’re getting 85MB/s read speed for ultra-fast and smooth file access. That means your games should load lightning quick on the Switch (although, at this point, we don’t know this to be true, per se, simply because we haven’t gotten our hands on the Nintendo Switch OS just yet).

Price: $119 (the 128GB is available for $51.99 so it’s probably a better deal depending on how much you want to spend)

Buy the PNY 200GB MicroSDXC Card here.

4. Sony Micro SDXC 64GB

best micro sd card nintendo switch

Let’s keep in mind that Nintendo is using small cartridges for the Nintendo Switch already, so you likely aren’t going to end up needing a ton of storage space, especially around launch time. Maybe further on down the line when we actually see a plethora of games for the Switch you might need a bigger card, but 64GB is a solid option. Best of all, it’s going to be the cheapest. With the Sony Micro SDXC 64GB card, you’re getting 70 MB/s transfer speeds and reliability. Obviously, it isn’t the fastest card on the market, but it’s likely that it’s plenty fast enough to load Switch games and you won’t see much of a difference if any at all when comparing to a faster card. It might feel a bit strange using a Sony product inside of a Nintendo console, but we won’t tell anyone, promise.

Price: $27.24

Buy the Sony Micro SDXC 64GB Card here.

5. Patriot LX Series 64GB High Speed Micro SDXC Class 10

nintendo switch microsd cards

Now, the best budget option is from a brand by the name of Patriot, and they have a Patriot LX Series 64GB micro SDXC card that comes in at just $19.49. The Amazon reviews lead us to believe that, despite its price, it’s a quality option, as it holds a 4.3 out of 5.0 stars from nearly 2,000 reviewers. Surprisingly, it actually has a 90 MB/s read speed, putting it in line with SanDisk and Samsung’s version. What’s more, there are other sizes available, including a 128GB card for $39.49, and a 200GB for $68.99. The Patriot LX Series micro SDXC cards offer the best value.

Price: $19.49

Buy the Patriot LX Series 64GB High Speed Micro SDXC here.

See more Micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch here.


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Do require to buy adapter to use with Nintendo switch. Thanks for the info

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