Orisa: Moves & Ultimate For ‘Overwatch’s’ Newest Hero

Developer Update | Introducing Orisa | OverwatchGame Director Jeff Kaplan introduces Overwatch’s 24th hero, Orisa. ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood, Use of Tobacco, Violence. He provides some insight into her back story, abilities, and overall strategy. Orisa is currently available for testing on the PTR. Learn more about Orisa: blizz.ly/Orisa Read the PTR patch notes: blizz.ly/2mQ0WqI 0:16 – Jeff introduces Overwatch's…2017-03-02T18:01:32.000Z

Overwatch has it’s 24th hero, and it’s the first new tank to be added to the roster. Her name is Orisa, and she’s got a brand-new skillset that is sure to shake up the Overwatch landscape.

Orisa’s main weapon is a projectile-based machine gun called the Fusion Driver, giving her the longest range of any tank hero. Her speed is slowed while firing, but she packs a punch and has a healthy clip size.

Orisa’s first ability is Fortify, a defensive ability that will be invaluable in certain situations. When activated, Orisa takes reduced damage and cannot be moved by abilities. That’s right, Fortify makes her boop-proof.

Orisa’s next ability is Halt, which functions like a mini Gravitron Surge. Orisa launches a charge, then activates it again to pull enemies towards the projectile. This can be a valuable ability for grouping enemies and keeping the other team off the point.

Orisa’s third ability is a Protective Barrier, which she can deploy at range to protect her allies. Think Winston’s bubble, but Orisa is able to deploy hers at range.

Orisa’s ultimate ability is Supercharger, which is deployed on the map to give her teammates a damage boost. Every teammate in the Supercharger’s line of sight gets the boost, but the Supercharger can be destroyed just like Symmetra’s teleporter.

In all, it’s refreshing to add a new tank to Overwatch’s diverse roster. Halt could be a game-changer when it comes to positioning, and Fortify can help Orisa push through choke points that other tanks cannot (think the edges on Lijiang Tower).

Orisa debuts on the Public Test Realm, with a worldwide release expected within the next few weeks.

For more, watch her origin story here.

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