‘Pokemon Go’: Which Candies Should Be Saved for Future Generations?

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In Pokemon Go, candy is used to evolve Pokemon. (Niantic)

There are only two generations of Pokemon currently in Pokemon Go, but plenty more are on the way, and when the new creatures are added, you’re going to want to have some of their candy stocked up.

This candy is what is used to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Go. There are currently some creatures in the game that do not have any further evolutions but that will when more generations are added.

For example, Magnemite can currently only be evolved into Magneton. However, when the fourth generation of Pokemon is released, Magneton will be able to be evolved into Magnezone. In order to do that, you must have Magnemite candy, and so players who have planned ahead and who stocked up on Magnemite candy will be well prepared when that day comes.

With that in mind, these are the Pokemon who will have more evolutions in future generations and whose candy you should therefore be saving:

  • Magnemite – Evolves into Magnezone in Generation 4
  • Lickitung – Evolves into Lickilicky in Generation 4
  • Rhyhorn – Evolves into Rhyperior in Generation 4
  • Tangela – Evolves into Tangrowth in Generation 4
  • Elekid – Evolves into Electivire in Generation 4
  • Magmar – Evolves into Magmortar in Generation 4
  • Porygon – Evolves into Porygon-Z in Generation 4
  • Eevee – Evolves into Leafeon or Glaceon in Generation 4
  • Togepi – Evolves into Togekiss in Generation 4
  • Aipom – Evolves into Ambipom in Generation 4
  • Yanma – Evolves into Yanmega in Generation 4
  • Murkrow – Evolves into Honchkrow in Generation 4
  • Misdreavus – Evolves into Mismagius in Generation 4
  • Gligar – Evolves into Gliscor in Generation 4
  • Sneasel – Evolves into Weavile in Generation 4
  • Swinub – Evolves into Piloswine in Generation 4

Many of these evolutions required required evolution items in the previous Pokemon games, and so that will likely be the case in future updates to Pokemon Go.