‘Brawl of Ages’: Top 10 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks you need to know for Brawl of Ages.

1. Manage Your Mana

Brawl of Ages

• If you find yourself without mana because you overextended in an aggressive push, you can lose a tower quickly. Be patient and let your mana build up before you go on the offensive. You can always use your tower to assist your defense.

2. Placement is Key

Brawl of Ages

• Much of the skill of Brawl of Ages comes down to when and where you place your units/ spells/buildings. Drawing the aggro of an attacking unit away from other important units and towers can win you the game. It’s often advantageous to place units near the middle of your side of the map to give attacking units a longer distance to move before they inflict damage. Also, keep those ranged units away from harm where they are effective in the back lines.

3. Efficiently Defend Then Push

Brawl of Ages

• If your opponent is being aggressive, take your time and wait for their push to enter your side of the map. Then defend it with the best counter cards you have. Place them well on the map, clean up the push and turn it into your own offense.

4. Build the Right Deck

Brawl of Ages

• It will be really hard to win (even if you play perfectly in the game) if you build a bad deck. Your deck has to have a nice balance of ground, air, ranged, spells, defenses and mana costs. You don’t want a deck that is too expensive. You don’t want a deck that can’t defend against air. You don’t want a deck that doesn’t defend well at all (usually a building will help with this). Think it through, experiment and have some fun.

5. Play Around With Deploy Times

Brawl of Ages

• Remember that all cards have a deploy time. Some deploy times are longer than the standard 1-second. While a unit is deploying, it can’t move or attack but it can take damage. Do not place units in the middle of a fight if it’s going to get immediately focused on. Instead, play it in a position that will allow it to deploy and then actively participate in the battle. Lastly, you can use deploy time to block units and slow down your pushes to gain more mana.

6. Conquest is Your Friend

Brawl of Ages

• Conquest is the most efficient way to gain cards but you have to get a few wins. Remember you get a free standard Conquest entry every 24-hours. Take advantage of this.

7. Protect the Back Lines

Brawl of Ages

• If you place tankier, higher hitpoint units that can soak up damage in front of your ranged units, they will live longer. The longer they live, the more damage they can do. The more damage they do, the more value you received from their mana cost. Try not to send your high damage units in alone. If you can, get a tank in front of it to increase your chances of victory.

8. Organize Your Push

• Think through how you’ll use your deck and the random shuffle of your rotation to put together great defenses and effective pushes. You can play the same deck for 100 matches, but that doesn’t mean you can play it exactly the same every time. Stay calm and think on your feet. Pay attention to your current hand, what is up next and put together cards deployed in the right order, in the right locations and win the game.

9. Understand Your Card Rotation

Brawl of Ages

• This is an extension of Tip Eight. It isn’t easy, but learn to remember what cards you have in what order. Learn to rotate your deck when necessary and try to have the proper counter card in your hand to deal with what your opponent will more than likely play. This requires some thought process outside of playing your cards on the board and reacting to what is happening. It’s a skill that can be improved upon and will significantly improve your chances of winning.

10. Remember Your Opponents Cards

• If you know what your opponent is playing as he cycles through his cards, you’ll know how you can react to what he does. You can also use it to properly time your offenses to increase their effectiveness. If you can bait them to use a counter of a card you want to play early, you can earn small advantages throughout the match. These can add up to your victory. This will also help you to keep the proper counter cards in your hand and ready to play in the event your opponent becomes aggressive.