Code Vein Official Trailer Releases, Gives Off Dark Souls and Bloodborne Vibe

After being teased in the middle of April, Code Vein just released their official trailer giving hints to the mood of the game as well as how it will play.

The action RPG game is coming to home consoles in 2018. The game uses the Unreal 4 engine.

Code Vein tells the story of the Revenants, people who have made a blood pact gaining immense power in exchange for a thirst for blood. Revenants quest to reclaim their lost memories and escape the post-apocalyptic world. Along the way, they’ll fend off the Lost, monsters who have given into bloodlust completely. Players extract the blood of their enemies to upgrade their own abilities.

The trailer is as slickly presented as the blood that flows through it. Despite the graphics being a departure from the teaser trailer, it still has a strong art style throughout even if the anime-styled faces are a bit off-putting. The comparisons to Dark Souls and Bloodborne are apt as combat hits many of the same beats. Players analyze the attack patterns and animations of enemies to dodge and attack at the right moment. It also looks like there will be a lot of grand environments to explore and plenty of bosses to fight them in.

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