‘Persona 5’: How to Get a Job at the Crossroads Bar

Persona 5

When you are not out changing people’s hearts, catching new Persona’s, or answering exam questions, you will need to earn some extra cash to buy supplies in Persona 5. This can be done through a number of ways, but the easiest is simply working a part time job at one of the various businesses in Tokyo. The last job open to the player is at the Crossroads Bar and is only available after your character’s stats have reached a certain level. However, unlike the other careers in Persona 5, getting a job at the bar is a bit trickier since it’s tied to a confidant.

In order to unlock the bar, you will need to have started the Devil Confidant (Ichiko Ohya) which can be started by just speaking to her at the Crossroads Bar on 6/23. After this, you will be able to work at the bar, provided you have Kindness at rank 3 and Proficiency at rank 4. These can all be ranked up through a variety of activities such as reading, movies, and building supplies in your room.

Once you have them simply show up at the bar at night to start your job. Players can rank up any social stat, as it is entirely dependent on what customer you get that night. You can also earn a minimum of 5,400 Yen a night, which is the most lucrative job in all of Persona 5 so we highly recommend showing up here a few nights.

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