‘Metro Exodus’: Release Time, Story Details, and More

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During Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference one of the biggest reveals came in the form of Metro Exodus. Developed by 4A Games and Published by Deep Silver, this first person shooter aims to blend survivor horror, stealth and intense combat with deadly creatures. While the actual reveal was limited to a trailer, the press release sent to us offered more details on the story, release date, and base mechanics for this game.

The story follows series protagonist Artyom as he aims to escape the underground tunnels of Russia players have grown to know. Set 25 years after the nuclear bombs wiped out the Earth’s populace, the last remaining survivors aim to escape Russia and go east in search of life. Metro Exodus aims to deliver a “…continent-spanning journey…” that will have users try and survive the deadly wilderness of Russia.

Metro Exodus

The game itself aims for non-linear levels, allowing more open approaches in how you take down or avoid foes.The world will have a day and night cycle with players having to contend with “dynamic weather” on their journey for safety. Crafting will be a big part of Metro Exodus, as many of your weapons are hand-made and will require you to scavenge for parts. We also know that there will be both mutant and human foes, though the only details seem to be of the giant rats and mutated bear we saw in the trailer.

Finally, players will have choice driven gameplay that will determine who in your squad lives or dies while you’re out exploring the wilds of Russia. All of this is focused around a steam-engine train known as the Aurora, which we assume serves as your main base. No details were given on this vehicles purpose or use for Metro Exodus, so players will have to wait for more info at a later date.

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus does not have a firm release date, but it’s aiming for sometime in 2018. This game will also be available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, but no word was given about any exclusive features.

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