‘Pokemon Go’: List of Best Gym Defenders to Get the Most Coins


Now that the gym mechanics on Pokemon Go have changed, the Pokemon that you once used to defend gyms are no longer your best choice. In fact, the Pokemon that used to be the best gym defenders may now be among the weakest choices. The entire strategy for defending gyms and gaining coins has changed. Just because you’ve invested a lot in a past Pokemon doesn’t mean it should be your first choice anymore. So which Pokemon are the best gym defenders now?

Trainers have been sharing their thoughts about the best Pokemon defenders to choose that will last just long enough to get the current maximum of 50 coins a day. Here are the top theories and ideas that trainers are discussing. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Some Trainers Believe You Should Put a Strong Defender in Gyms with a High Turnover

The ideal amount of time for a Pokemon to last is about 8 1/2 hours, since coins are rewarded approximately every 10 minutes and you get a maximum of 50 coins a day. But some gyms that have a high turnover rate might not even let Pokemon stick around for the initial 10 minutes needed to get just one coin.

In a discussion here, a Redditor with the humorous name MagnanimousCannabis suggests the following Pokemon as good choices for gyms with high turnover rates:

Steelix – Dragon tail is effective against most attackers, and any of its attacks can also be good for defense. Steelix is also preferred because it resists everything Dragonite can throw at it.

Umbreon & Espeon – Umbreon is a favorite because of its high CP and high Defense stat, and it is weak only to a few types. Meanwhile, Espeon has high attack stats, and Confusion is strong. But its HP is low and it doesn’t hold up well against Tyranitar.

Snorlax – Snorlax with Zen Headbutt + Heavy Slam is a great choice.

Blissey – Blissey with Zen Headbutt + Dazzling Gleam, or any moveset, is a great choice. In fact, this may still be the best gym defender, according to many trainers.

Vaporeon  – According to many trainers, Vaporeon with Water Gun + Aqua Tail is a great choice as a gym defender.

Lapras – Lapras is also a strong gym defender.

Muk – Muk brings high stats. As a Poison type, it’s only weak to a few Pokemon.

Slowbro/Slowking – Slowbro/king has all around high stats. It’s best with Confusion and its defensive moves help make it a greater defender.

Some Trainers Don’t Think It Matters Who the Gym Defender Is Anymore

However, not everyone agrees that it even matters who you use as a defender. Some gyms that have a high turnover rate will end up kicking your Pokemon out within a few hours, no matter how strong of a defender it is, comments Lobo2ffs on Reddit. For a medium turnover gym, you might want a high CP defender just to deter people from attacking. Meanwhile, a gym with low turnover could see a Weedle stay as long as the strongest defender on the list.

Many trainers now believe that it really doesn’t matter that much how good of a defender your Pokemon is. If a gym has a high turnover rate, your Pokemon won’t last long.

Timing & Gym Choice May Be the Better Strategy

Other trainers, such as Redditor SlapHappyDude, say that the best strategy is timing, not Pokemon defender types. If you get a gym late at night or early in the morning, then you may be in the gym long enough to earn a good number of coins before you’re kicked out. Also, try to pick a gym that’s less convenient and has a lower turnover rate. However, be careful. Putting in a Pokemon that lasts more than 24 hours will end up just losing you coins. So don’t try putting in the stronger gym defenders at gyms that have a low turnover rate. That’s a bad combination for getting your 50 coin maximum every day.

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