Pokemon Go: What It Means When the Game Says Pokemon is ‘Very Happy’

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Pokemon Go displays a message saying that a Pokemon does not need any more berries. (Reddit/pennyroyaltee)

With the latest Pokemon Go update, a major part of the game is now feeding Pokemon berries in order to raise their motivation level. But sometimes you’ll be trying to feed a Pokemon a berry when you’ll get a message saying that the Pokemon is “very happy” and that you should try feeding berries to other Pokemon. So why does the game give you this message?

When the game says that a Pokemon is very happy, it means that the Pokemon has been given too many berries at once. It appears that the limit is 10 berries, and afterwards, there is a cool down period during which the Pokemon can not be fed any more.

This can be somewhat confusing because players will receive the “very happy” message even when the Pokemon’s motivation is relatively low. The message does not indicate that the Pokemon is at perfect health, but rather that it has eaten as many berries as you are allowed to feed it during a certain time window. Check back in to the gym in a bit and you’ll be able to give the Pokemon more berries.

Even if the game were to remove this limit on berries, there wouldn’t be much of a point to giving Pokemon more than 10 berries in a row. After all, you may have noticed that every time you feed a Pokemon a berry, it gains less and less CP. Once you’ve given them up to 10 berries, then, the Pokemon really isn’t gaining much of a benefit from that.

This seems to be Niantic’s method for ensuring that players cannot simply hang around their gyms and constantly feed their Pokemon dozens of berries in order to have their motivation remain at a constant level.

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