Pokemon Go: Which Raid Bosses Had Their CP Changed on June 28th?


A number of Raid Bosses in Pokemon Go have now had their CP adjusted.

These changes started to be noticed by players on the morning of June 28th. It looks like Niantic raised the CP of all Tier 2 Raid Bosses by 9.5 percent. 

With that in mind, here’s a look at what the new CP levels are for Tier 2 Raid Bosses via Reddit:

Raid Boss Old CP New CP
Electabuzz 11311 12390
Exeggutor 12633 13839
Magmar 11610 12718
Muk 11200 12269
Weezing 11245 12318

At this time, it appears that all of the Raid Bosses at other tiers have not had their CP changed at all.

It makes sense that Niantic implemented these adjustments, as fans have found that it’s possible to complete Tier 1 and Tier 2 Raid Battles solo, and Niantic really wants these battles to be cooperative experiences. They are therefore making it slightly harder to go through a Tier 2 Raid Battle without at least one other player present.

Via another Reddit user, here’s an example of the Tier 2 Raid Bosses having new CP; Muk’s CP used to be 11,200, but it is now 12,269:

Less than a week since the release of the major new Pokemon Go update, Niantic has already quietly made a few adjustments. For example, they dramatically altered the way that coins are given out to players. When the update first launched, there was a 100 daily coin limit, but players were only rewarded coins for every hour they spent in a gym. Now, the daily coin limit is 50, but players receive coins for every 10 minutes they are in a gym.

There are still a number of other tweaks that fans are really hoping Niantic implements, not the least of which is the ability to see the lobby of a Raid Battle before using a Raid Pass. Another commonly-requested feature is the ability to recall Pokemon from gyms, not having to wait until another player defeats the Pokemon in battle.

Stay tuned for additional updates about changes to Pokemon Go.