LIVE STREAM: LPL Playoffs, Day 1

Tencent Games Image courtesy Tencent Games.

Today marks the beginning of the LoL Pro League Summer Split Playoffs in China. Today we’ll see Invictus Gaming vs SN Gaming the Newbee vs Snake Esports. The teams that win today advance to play again tomorrow.

LPL English Stream

SN Gaming are coming off a win over JD Gaming while Invictus Gaming’s last series was win over Dan Gaming. The LPL Playoffs are a gauntlet style playoff bracket. The seeding for each team was determined by their regular season finish in the Summer Split. The team that wins this playoff goes to worlds. After that the top points earner goes to worlds, the next four teams after that advance into the Regional Qualifier.

Team WE 90
Royal Never Give Up 70
EDward Gaming 50
OMG 30
Newbee 10
IMay 10
Qiao Gu Reapers 0
Invictus Gaming 0

Now the point breakdown for Summer 2017 is as follows, 90 for second, 70 for third, 50 for fourth, 30 for fifth and 10 for sixth. No one below sixth gets anything. So it’s clear that Team WE and Royal Never Give Up will at the very least play in the Regional Qualifier and there’s a very good chance that Royal Never Give Up will go to World’s based on circuit points.