PUBG: How to Change to First Person

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

When you are out playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) there is a high chance that you’ll get into a firefight. This makes being able to swap to first person vital, especially if you have experience in the FPS genre.However, for those looking for more of a challenge you can also completely change your perspective to first person. If you want to simply look down the sights of your gun when aiming click the Left Mouse Button twice to shift your view. Players can also switch from third to first person at any time by hitting the V key.

Be warned, if you’re in a normal server you’ll be putting yourself at an extreme disadvantage by only playing in first person. PUBG is all about gathering information, so by not being able to peak around corners safely there will be bigger risks when clearing buildings. This view is only useful when you’re in a lengthy firefight, but these are rare in PUBG. Instead, just use the shift in perspective when you aim, instead of having to constantly his the V key.

Yet, developer Bluehole Studio Inc. has recently implemented first person only servers for those wanting to play this title as an FPS. To load up this mode simply hover the mouse over the word “Battlegrounds” in the top left corner. This will bring up a list of servers and the ones with FPP (First Person Perspective) are what you want to choose. This will load you up in a first person only game, but keep in mind this feature is still in testing.

It’s important to remember that your field of view is heavily limited, so always check your corners and back when moving. In contrast, you can use someone’s reduced perspective to sneak up on people. This can be extremely useful for taking out snipers or people trying to camp on the roofs of buildings in high traffic areas.

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