Sniper: Ghost Warrior takes Aim at iOS, Android, releases Today

Sniper: Ghost Warrior has been playing catch-up to Sniper Elite for some time. Engaged in something of a rivalry, when Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 released, the older (and better rated) Sniper Elite 4 went on sale the very same day.

While Sniper Elite is arguably the better game, Ghost Warrior is no slouch – featuring a wide-open world and unique vehicle sections. Now, Ghost Warrior is sets its sights on dominating a genre and platform rife with mediocre product – the mobile sniper game.

Type in ‘Sniper Game’ into the Google Play, or iOS App store and you’ll be greeted with dozens and dozens of sniper games. Whether they’re sci-fi, stickman, or feature B-list celebrities, there are dozens of these things of varying quality.

(Seriously, Sniper X featuring Jason Statham is a real game and quite good)

As a result, while Ghost Warrior may struggle against its competition in the console space, it’s entirely within the realm of reason to assume transferring the assets and ‘know how’ from console development to the mobile space could give us a quality product.

Developr CI Games promises the following: “Players can undertake a variety of missions, whether it’s freeing hostages, protecting your allies or trying to get a rival sniper within your sights. Sniper: Ghost Warrior lets players choose their playstyle in authentic, tense special-forces gameplay!”

It appears it’s not just all sniping, either – as screenshots and gameplay videos feature automatic rifles, and a variety of…explosive options as well.

Regardless, with 200 missions, 15+ hours of gameplay, dozens of weapons (and weapon upgrades and modifications), half a dozen locations including Tibet, Mexico, Siberia, and Africa, and bosses that provide unique sniping challenges, Sniper: Ghost Warrior might just give the oversaturated ‘sniper game’ market a shot in the arm…amongst other places.

Will Sniper: Ghost Warrior on mobile separate itself from the pack and find a true home of its own, or will it drown in the endless sea of sniper games tailored for phone players?

There’s only one way to find out: Get it here.