4 New Games Worth Playing This Week That Aren’t Destiny 2

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Crescent Game Studios

September traditionally marks the beginning of the annual onslaught of major game releases. September is a month that gives us Destiny 2, NBA 2k18, FIFA 18, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, and Knack II as just some of the major games coming to console and PC and mobile.

This week brings begins the forthcoming wallet apocalypse as the Triple A games start coming by the bucketload. But there are several, ‘smaller’ games absolutely worth checking out for gamers of all kinds – from horror, to a No Man’s Sky killer, to, well, whatever the heck kind of game Knack II is.

Lets dive in.

1. Morphite

Releasing on iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One – September 7th

Morphite, a stylish, randomly generated FPS, cites Metroid: Prime, Turok, and Rachet and Clank as some of its influences. It would be smart to mention Tron, as it looks like the future the 1980s promised us, but we never got.

In addition to FPS gameplay and the randomly generated world and creatures, Morphite promises trading, crafting, the ability to upgrade your abilities and power suit, and real-time space combat.

Yes, it’s okay to get No Man’s Sky vibes here. In fact I’d encourage them.

Those are some mighty big promises – but based on the trailer, and the publisher’s track record of delivering the goods with games like 2-Bit Cowboy, it’s safe to expect a quality product here.

Update: This game has been delayed to the 21st per the developer’s twitter

2. Lego Worlds

Releasing on Nintendo Switch – September 5th

Lego Worlds is a curious game. One part MMO, one part Minecraft, and wholly charming, Worlds released on other platforms way back in May.

There are various quests to complete, dungeons to explore, and the main ‘thrust’ of the game is collecting Golden Bricks to progress, lending the game a Mario 64 / Banjo Kazooie-esque flavor that may entice players put off by Minecrafts more…obtuse nature.

And of course, there’s a robust crafting system made possible by nearly limitless Lego pieces and sets and customization tools.

The Nintendo Switch’s physical release comes with some premium DLC included, and promises to keep the adventure focused and creatively minded occupied for hours – even when you’re on the go.

3. Knack II

Releasing on PS4 – September 5th

Knack was a PS4 launch title that was met with a…lukewarm reception. Not because it was a bad game, but rather because it didn’t ‘wow’ in the way many gamers would expect from a first party launch title.

Now comes Knack II, and it’s up against one of the biggest releases of the year, Destiny 2. Knack II looks to deliver some quality brawling among other gameplay styles like platforming, and even what appears to be a mech section.

The name of the game here, figuratively speaking, is charm. The trailer demonstrates a command of tone and style that oozes confidence. After the release of the original Knack, it would have been easy to go back to the drawing board and completely change everything. Instead, it appears the developers are doubling down on what worked, and letting the gameplay do the talking – this time free from the albatross that was the PS4 launch.

4.Tokyo Dark

Releasing on PC – September 7th.

In addition to having a trailer I regretted watching in the dark, Tokyo Dark won several festival awards, including The Grand Jury award at BitSummit Japan.

Following Detective Ito, Tokyo Dark is a supernatural visual novel that looks to combine the traditionally strong writing of the visual novel with point-and-click adventure mechanics. Funded on Kickstarter and utilizing something called the S.P.I.N system that will dynamically affect how characters react to the player (and the actions your character can take), it looks like Tokyo Dark could provide a seedy, grimy, disturbing, and compelling descent into the supernatural underworld, and madness itself.

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