Automotive CCG ‘Top Drives’ Tops A Million Downloads Its First Week.

TopDrives Success, Top Drives Success, Car Racing CCG


If you’re one of the millions of players who’ve jumped on the ‘Top Drives’ bandwagon (or tractor trailer), feel proud. Today, the developer Hutch announced the iOS / Android CCG game surpassed a million downloads its first week. Those million downloads translated to over 31 million cars being collected and 56 million completed challenges.

Hutch CEO Shaun Rutland stated:

“The game is a continual source of fun for both casual and seasonal gamers alike, offering a truly unique racing experience and establishing a brand new destination for petrolhead gamers. The success of Top Drives to-date is testament to the hard work of our team whose passion, vision and willingness to innovate were fundamental to this game coming to market. With one million downloads in the first week, we’ve strong foundations for the future of this title.”

So how does Top Drives work? Well, like most CCGs really. You compete in strategic races and deploy your cards based on the situation. So if you’re up against a twisting road that requires quality drifting, you’re not going to use a drag-racing focused vehicle, and vice versa.

Players describe it as a game for car enthusiasts, not racing fans – meaning folks who are more prone to watch Top Gear over a NASCAR race or attend a car show over a tractor pull, will find joy in this game’s celebration of these wonderful machines that make our hearts go vroom vroom.

Top Drives is available on iOS and Android, for free. Shift into gear and check it out.

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