How To Cheese Your Way Through Most Madden Solo Challenges

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Cheese against other players makes you a bit of a…jerk. If in Madden you rely on glitches or otherwise crummy tactics, it can get you a reputation as an unfair player – of course bending the rules got The Patriots five Super Bowls, but I digress. This is about how to beat Madden Solo Challenges fast.

Against the computer, especially in Madden Ultimate Team, cheese is a great way to speed up some of the more difficult solo challenges – and the ones that yield the best rewards.

Currently, The Gauntlet challenges prove the most challenging. With some requiring massive amounts of yardage. The Gauntlet also provides tremendous rewards the further you go. Especially as you approach the final challenges, which are set to All Madden difficulty.

This years secret? The Monster Wild Cat offense selected under the Shotgun formation. The defensive AI has zero answer for it – once you select the hurry up pre-play. In challenges where you need to gain large swathes of yardage – be it a certain amount in a single play, or 99 yards on the ground, this is your go-to offensive play.

You can’t run the play the whole game – the hurry up nature causes a lot of fatigue, but you’re good for 6-7 good rushes of quality yardage. As the difficulty of the AI increases it gets a little tougher, but it’s still an incredible advantage.

The Cleveland Browns playbook is relatively cheap on the auction house – and has this formation. Buy it. Equip it. And watch yourself blow through challenges like a hot knife through butter.

Will this assist in passing-related challenges? Some of them. The Wild Cat formation has a passing play that delivers some success, but in reality, the formation is there to speed up the tedious challenges, allowing you to be in control and confident, during the toughest challenges.

YouTuber Ish De’la’ish explains this concept, along with how to beat the final Solo Challenge – Gauntletception – here:

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