FIFA 18 The Journey: What to Expect From Alex Hunter’s Second Season

Alex Hunter is back, and fans get an in-depth addition to last year’s story. From family drama to moving your way up in the EPL, The Journey returns in FIFA 18.

We’re here to provide a brief overview of this year’s mode. A quick warning as there are some slight spoilers ahead on how the game starts, but it will not ruin the game for you. Our goal is to provide an overview of what to expect from this year’s game.

You start out by choosing the Premier League club of your choice along with which position Hunter will play. You’ll then get a recap video of highlights of last year’s story. This is helpful for users who did not play the mode in FIFA 17, and also serves as a refresher for returning customers.

The story starts out in Rio with Hunter’s last day on holiday before starting the season. Hunter participates in a pick-up soccer game with some of the Brazilian kids. After engaging in a quick game, you’ll find Hunter back in England to begin training. The first order of business is a tournament in the States involving MLS teams.

This year’s story appears lengthy. I have been playing the mode for several days, and I am just scratching the surface. Fans will enjoy having the opportunity to customize nearly everything about Hunter. You can pick out his t-shirt, hoodie, pants and shoes. There are a variety of hairstyles to choose from, as well as the option to add tattoos.

Interspersed with trying to improve your rating, there are plenty of story lines including Hunter’s complicated relationship with his father.

How you answer questions is measured on a hot and cold spectrum. Play it cool, and you’ll earn the favor of your manager. Fierce comments earn fans, but could put you in your club’s doghouse. You will be answering questions from friends, teammates, coaches and media members just to name a few. Over time, these impact your rating, and your style of play on the pitch.

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