PUBG for Phones?! Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds Accepting Alpha Testers.

Mobile PUBG

Horus Entertainment

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is the most popular game on Steam and a worldwide phenomenon – recently setting a record for most concurrent players online, getting stuck in the middle of PewDiePie’s N-Word controversy, and giving out to Fortnite’s deliberately similar Battle Royale Mode.

Safe to say, it’s pretty popular. As a result, it’s safe to assume gamers on platforms other than PC are looking to get into the Battle Royale style action. While PUBG is coming to Xbox this year, there are gamers on PS4, Switch, and Mobile that are feeling a little left out.

For Mobile players, hope is on the horizon with Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds, which is a mobile ‘clone’ of PUBG currently in Alpha testing – and still accepting players

Developed by Hourus Entertainment, Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds looks to take what makes PUBG so popular – namely free-for-all, King of the Hill mayhem, and boil it down for players on iOS and Android devices – and they’re not shy about admitting it:

“Bullet Strike is the first last-man-standing shooter game for mobile devices! This is Battle Royale / Battlegrounds for mobile!” says the official Facebook.

While there’s no official release date – yet -, judging by the screenshots and ample video, development is pretty far along, and judging by the gameplay and screen shots, frankly speaking, the game looks gorgeous and ready to play soon.

Stay tuned for updates and Beta information.

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