Rouge Islands: Top Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Here are the top 11 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Rogue Islands.

1. Food is Important

Rogue Islands

Big Fat Alien, Blue Sock Studios

• Not only does it give you energy, but some food may also help you to fend off enemies, take less damage or evade the Ghasts that descend at night (they can’t be killed). Motwort can find Ripe Cob, Juicy Fruit, Lucent Cherry and many more plants, fruits and nuts, all delivering their own unique benefits. Food can be found on the ground and even in trees. For now though, eat the food that can be found at the front of your ship. If you find one piece of food, eat it (F key/A button). If you find two, eat one and put the second one away for later (R key/X button).

2. Beware of Water

Rogue Islands

Big Fat Alien, Blue Sock Studios

• Swimming or diving may help you find some resources, but be warned – there are Spinefish swimming around who are impervious to your magic spells. And they are hungry. If you stay in one place for two long, or don’t move quickly in water, they will start biting you.

3. Getting to the Island

Rogue Islands

Big Fat Alien, Blue Sock Studios

• Instead of diving in, Motwort – as a magical gnome – is able to use magic to float (Space key/LB button) over the water until you make it to the shore. Don’t hang about though. Being this early into the game means you don’t exactly have a lot of magic to use. You’ll need to build that up with Mana and other resources you find. Once you reach the island, be prepared. The place is teeming with enemies that want to stop Motwort from taking down the Lords of Torment. On your first run, you may have already had some Bones trying to attack you. You’ll need to destroy them by firing, (Left-Click/Right Trigger), but Bones are pretty easy to destroy – if they don’t gang up on you.

• While you’re learning the game, stay close enough to your ship, or at least know where exactly it is by using your Map. We’ll let you know why a bit later. It’s not just Spinefish, your hunger or demonic horde you need to watch out for. You also need to look out for poisonous Thorny Growths. Like most things on the islands, you can fire at them if you want to keep on moving forwards, or you can just jump or dodge them.

4. Spells, Spells, Spells

• Armed with the initial Radiant Stalk staff, over the course of Rogue Islands you’ll find two more types of staffs. Each one unlocks various spells that not only protect you against enemies, but also aid you when you need to smash islands to pieces. The Radiant Stalk allows you to cast Lightning based spells. Right now, all we have is Spark Shot, which is fine for taking out small enemies and mining for resources, but we want something else, something more powerful.

• From the start of Rogue Islands, you have a Diamond, but you’ll need to find Spirit Dust to imbue and upgrade Radiant Stalk to perform Zap. Zap not only takes out some enemies with a single, close range shot, but it can also carve out entire chunks out of mountains.

• If you enter your Inventory (M key/Y button) and click on the Diamond (Rogue Islands is nice enough to give you one right from the get-go), you can see what is required to upgrade it to an Imbued Diamond. You’ll need one Diamond and 40 Spirit Dust. Diamonds don’t grow on trees, though as you go through the game, you can find Diamond Shards and collect Spirit Dust to imbue them into more powerful spells.

5. What is Spirit Dust and How Do You Find It?

Rogue Islands

Big Fat Alien, Blue Sock Studios

• Spirit Dust is the little pink orbs that fall out of enemies once you defeat them. You’ll need to collect enough Spirit Dust to imbue your Radiant Stalk – so go hunting for Bones and other enemies. Whichever enemy you’re going up against, keep moving, keep firing (Left-Click/Right Trigger), take cover when needed and keep an eye out for those poisonous thorn plants.

• Once you’ve defeated enough enemies and have 40 Spirit Dust, open up your inventory and click your Diamond (Left-Click/A Button). Using the Diamond and Spirit Dust that you’ve just collected, create an Imbued Diamond. To upgrade Radiant Stalk enter the Spells section of our options, hover over Zap and click it (Enter key/A button). Now when you open up your weapon wheel (Right-Click/RB), Zap will be right next to Spark Shot.

6. Blast Your Way Through the Islands

Rogue Islands

Big Fat Alien, Blue Sock Studios

• Blasting your way through islands may well help you during the game. Not only can you create your own routes, but also try to create traps for enemies. Zap, and other more powerful spells will help you to do this – so have a play around and see what is possible. Use Flame Blast to break through the island – be aware that it’s one of the later spells you can unlock.

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