WATCH: Destiny 2 Streams are LIVE.

Destiny 2 Stream, Destiny 2 Launch

Destiny 2

The anticipation for Destiny 2 is palpable, and the wait is almost over for the majority of those who pre-ordered. However, for a select few, they are already online, playing, and sharing their experiences.

It appears the embargo is over, and you can watch folks stream the hotly anticipated not-quite-MMO now:

If YouTube isn’t your thing, head on over to and find literally dozens and dozens of streams.

Some players were able to get in earlier than others, as those with a physical copy of the game found the servers live, while those who digitally pre-ordered had to wait for an official ‘unlock’.

Be sure to stay tuned for future updates on what to expect from Bungie’s second shot at a 10-year plan. So far, buzz seems positive and the narrative, of all things, is getting lots of positive press.

Destiny 2 officially releases tonight at midnight on Xbox One and PS4, and on PC in October.

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