South Park The Fractured But Whole: How to Get More Powers

south park the fractured but whole


When you start out South Park: The Fractured But Whole the game will offer you a choice of three superhero archetypes Each of these powers offer unique traits and skills such as gaining an extra attack step or being able to shoot multiple targets at range. Eventually, players will want to branch out from these three powersets to improve their chances against the hordes of crab people and angry sixth graders. Thankfully, users will come across seven additional superhero variants which brings the complete total of skill trees up to ten. In order to unlock these new powers you will need to play through the main campaign.

All of the superhero archetypes are directly tied to the story missions, so if you want to expand your capabilities consider just going straight for the main story. South Park: The Fractured But Whole is broken up into day and night cycles. These can be seen as chapter markers for the game and after each cycle you will have a meeting with your superhero team.

The first set of additional powers will be awarded early on in the story before the first night mission. Simply speak with Cartman about expanding your backstory and select one of the new skills offered. Continue through the main campaign until you finish the second night so you can advance to the third-day sequence. Once again, talk with Cartman to be rewarded with another collection of powers to buff up your character with.

Finally, after the third night players will be gifted with the last set of abilities from Cartman. However, users will still be limited to only having three skillsets at a time. However, this will eventually change once you advance far enough into the story. At a certain point, you will be stopped by Timmy on your way upstairs to continue a specific mission. He will then gift you with every single superhero power to choose from in your power inventory. This means you’ll no longer need to go to Cartman and can freely change through your skills whenever you wish.

Remember, when choosing among your abilities try to find ones that synergize nicely with one another. Zone controlling superheroes like the Plantmancer are especially potent with those who damage foes at a distance like the Blaster. Balancing these different moves is key for developing a well rounded and power hero build. Make sure to also have your team compliment your personal loadout to make up for any shortcomings you may have. This will ensure that you are almost always ready for anything that South Park: The Fractured But Whole throws at you.