WATCH: Destiny 2’s PC Launch Trailer


Destiny 2’s official PC release is officially one week away and it’s already shaping up to be one of the biggest games on PC this year. While the console version of this FPS/RPG hybrid released in September, computer users had to wait for over a month longer to get their hands on this version. This marks the first time that any Destiny title has been playable on this platform.  Given the praise that the PC beta received, there is little doubt that this title will draw tons of new Guardians.

Sadly, for those who have been playing on console none of your data will transfer over. This means that you will be starting over regardless of how much time you’ve put into Destiny 2. Also, every Guardian will be treated as new, so none of your previous history with the series will come into play. If you are looking to play on PS4 keep in mind some content will be missing such as a special armor set for each Guardian, the Lake of Shadows strike, and the Borealis sniper rifle.

Graphically, Destiny 2 looks absolutely gorgeous on the PC thanks to the multiple graphics settings and uncapped framerate. Given we’ve only had a very small taste of how good this game can look, we are excited to see how major events like the Leviathan raid look in 4k. It also helps that the actual client running Destiny 2 is developer Blizzard’s own

For the uninitiated, Destiny 2 revolves around humanities last city being attacked by a militaristic alien race known as The Cabal. Scattered and broken, it’s up to the player to rally the forces back together so they can vanquish this fearsome foe. Players will be able to venture across four separate worlds, each with their own missions, strikes, specific armor sets, and resources.

Destiny 2 on the PC is set to launch on October, 24.