Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Hit With Communication Errors

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Jack Fennimore

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the latest mobile game released by Nintendo. In the game players are tasked with creating a villager, exploring the lovely campsite around them, and paying off enormous loans. However, this morning the game was hit with a rather widespread error that has been coded as 802-1809. This makes it impossible for players to enter the game and play, as the error pops up right before the Start menu. However, even if you do manage to get into the game the error may still pop up while you’re playing and kick you out.

Currently, there is no word from Nintendo of Europe, Nintendo of America, or Nintendo UK on social media regarding this issue. Additionally, the official Animal Crossing Twitter account has also been mum about the communication error that is popping up. Nintendo has also not responded on the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Reddit, despite many players posting about this issue.

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Given the sheer volume of reports, our best guess is this has to do with the servers and an overwhelming amount of traffic the game is receiving.  Issues like this popped up on the first day Splatoon 2 released so it would come as no surprise to learn that this game is suffering from server problems. There are multiple reports of different error codes appearing, but they all appear to be related to, what we can assume, are overloaded servers. There is no real fix so just turn the game off and come back to it in an hour or so.

Since you can get this error while playing we recommend not doing any resource intensive events like the Quarry. The last thing you want is to spend 20 Leaf Tickets and then get booted to the home screen. The game also experiences a lot of slow down when trying to load up any section of the map, inventory, or crafting menus. We have had success closing the entire application down and reopening it, but the game would only last for a short amount of time before the error returned.

Just exercise patience for now and think about how you’re going to pay back all those loans you made to the mechanics. We will update this story as soon as new information is available or if anything changes in regards to the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp error.

Update 1

It appears as if the communication errors have significantly died down. While they are appearing once and awhile in-game, players should be able to login in normally with little issue. Nintendo has not made a statement on what the problem was, so we cannot say for certain if it was just congestion on the servers. At least players can now return to their campgrounds and continue designing the ultimate hangout area for their friends.