Call of Duty WWII: The Best Nazi Zombies Mods (Perks)

Call of Duty WWII Nazi Zombies

Call of Duty: WWII is officially out and there will no doubt be tons of people aiming to take on the undead hordes in the Nazi Zombies mode. However, for the unfamiliar this is more than just a simple horde mode as players can customize their character with not only their starting weapon but what Perks (here call mods) they are wearing. These mods can offer special bonuses to your character, allowing a skilled player to plow through waves of undead with ease. The catch is that player’s can only equip three, so picking the best ones will be crucial.

When deciding upon our choices we focused on Mods that have good versatility and are reliable regardless of what weapon you pick up. Since luck will always play a part in this mode, it’s important to not rely on you getting that one important gun to make your kit work.

Here are our choices for the best Nazi Zombie mods/perks:

Universal Mods

  • Fully Loaded: This mod simply increases your max ammo reserves for all weapons. Given how fast you can burn through bullets in this mode, having more ammo is always a wise choice. Everyone should run this mod if you are looking to complete anything beyond wave 18 when ammo can get scarce.


  • Pack Mule: When equipped, players can carry a third Primary Weapon with no drawbacks at all. Another fantastic mod that you all should consider wearing, Pack Mule can easily save you from dying thanks to the additional weapon. Being able to have more options or carry specialty items like the Tesla Gun is invaluable to a team trying to beat Nazi Zombies.


  • Preventative Medicine: This perk is better with the Camouflage build, but it’s still quite potent by itself. This mod simply extends the bleed out time for your entire team, which is always nice if you’re being swarmed. Keep in mind this mod doesn’t stack, so only one member of your squad should have it.


  • Specialist Training: Speical moves are incredibly powerful abilities that can completely turn a fight around or save your team. Since this perk allows players to use less energy for their Special Meter, users can easily overwhelm the undead in the later rounds. If you are running either the Shellshock or Camouflage special then this should be part of your kit.

Shellshock Mods

  • Exploit Weakness: When shellshock is activated all afflicted enemies will take x3 damage. This is a very useful mod to have because it’s a great way to quickly focus down the tougher zombie variants. If you are running Shellshock consider having this to ensure your team can capitalize on the space you create.


  • Defibrillate: Having trouble reviving your team thanks to all the zombies chasing you? Well with this mod you can literally shock them back to life and stun all the undead around you. If your squad isn’t running a medic, this is a nice secondary option.


  • MK. II: This mod simply upgrades your temporarily when you activate Freefire which means a faster fire rate and improved damage. Pairing this with unlimited ammo allows users to mow down basically everything in front of them with no trouble at all.


  • Marksmanship: A simple mod, Marksmanship increases your headshot damage when it’s activated. This allows an accurate player to obliterate foes in an efficient manner that specialties cannot come close to. If you prefer rifles or shooting for the head with submachine guns this should be your go to.


Call of Duty WWII Nazi Zombies

  • Vicious: Just like Exploit Weakness, this mod gives the Frontline user triple damage when they activate their Special. Since you are basically acting as a tank, this is a great way for others to take out the distracted zombies quickly before you’re killed.


  • Determination: When this mod is equipped, players will obtain two points of Geistschild when Frontline is activated. Given you will be absorbing a fair amount of damage, the Geistschild is more than welcome. Absorbing additional blows will help keep you alive and give your team a nice window to kill the undead.


  • Exfiltration: This mod is a must-have for anyone who is playing the Camouflage Special. One of the most common ways people die is by being swarmed right after they’re revived. Becoming hidden for a few seconds have you’re saved will offer your teammates some needed breathing room and space from the horde. Seriously, this is mod we highly recommend running for any support players out there.


  • Field Medic: Another good mod, this one simply decreases your time to revive downed teammates during Camouflage. Given you want to use this skill when some of your allies are down, this will let a fleet-footed soldier save everyone and have enough time to get away. It’s not necessary to run, but it’s a solid addition.

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