Call of Duty WWII: How to Change Your Division

Call of duty ww2

The newest Call of Duty title has released and it’s already shaking up this series traditional multiplayer formula. Don’t worry, you can still sprint around the map like a madman, killing everything you come across without an ounce of regret. Acting like Rigs from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, these 5 specific classes (here called Divisions) will let players specialize in certain areas. Each Division has a specific weapon type and perks that can be extremely deadly when used correctly.

When you start up the multiplayer portion of Call of Duty: WWII you will be asked to pick from one of five different Divisions. After you pick which of the five you want to represent you’ll be asked to compete in a multiplayer game. Do this to pass the ‘Prologue’ stage of this section so all of the other areas are open up to you. Thankfully, you are not bound to any specific Division in the game and the only real value they offer are the special perks.

To change your Division open up your Multiplayer menu and scroll over to the tab marked Soldier. Now click on the Divisions tab to open up a menu with five separate horizontal rows. The first one should already be filled out with whatever Division you started with and the others should read “Selection Required.” Now you can either pick one of these tags or highlight the Division patch on your soldier.

The five Divisions in question are:

  • Infantry
  • Airborne
  • Armored
  • Mountain
  • Expeditionary


You will now see all five Divisions listed along with their specific perks and experience progress. When you select a Division you don’t own you’ll have the option to either use a Prestige Token or a Rank Unlock Token to make this class available. Prestige Tokens are exceedingly rare and will permanently unlock a piece of gear even when you reset your character. In contrast, Rank Tokens appear after every level but everything obtained with them will be locked again.

Since Divisions are not bound by any level restrictions we recommend waiting and saving any Prestige tokens for valuable weapons or scorestreaks. All you have to do now is simply use one of the two tokens to obtain that Division. You are now able to go into your character and swap out their patches, which will also adjust the special perks and look of your soldier. Players should unlock these Divisions early so they can see which ones they feel more comfortable with in-game.

Keep in mind the actual weapons you are using will not be affected, as every gun is obtainable regardless of your Division. However, every class has a weapon archetype that will obtain special benefits like the Expeditionary’s getting Incendiary Shells. We recommend finding at least one Division focused weapon that you like to ensure that you can benefit from the various bonuses. They can give you a distinct advantage and cn make the difference in a close match. Keep in mind, changing your character’s clothes is also tied to which Division you’re running.

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