Destiny 2 Supports Xbox One X, No Patch Yet


The Xbox One X is here and Microsoft has been pushing it as the most powerful console ever made. A quick look at the specs will confirm this. The Xbox One X has the ability to play in games with a full 4K resolution and 60 frames-per-second. Many games have already received updates to take advantage of the new hardware.

Most of the first-party titles like Halo 5, Gears of War 4 and Forza Motorsport have either received a patch already or will be receiving one in the near future. But what about third-party titles?

Microsoft has been pushing the Xbox One X as the ultimate gaming platform. They have said on numerous occasions that games will run better and look better on the new console. Whether that is true remains to be seen for right now but the early returns are good.

In our review of the Xbox One X, we noted that several games do perform better, even better than the Sony counterpart in the PS4 Pro. Even if a game doesn’t receive a specific Xbox One X patch, it will still see some benefits from the more powerful hardware. Games with unlocked framerates or framerates that drop below whatever the target it will surely see a boost and receive a more stable framerate.

We were curious about how Destiny 2 will take advantage of the new hardware. For the PS4 Pro, the framerate remained the same at 30 FPS but did achieve a 4K resolution through checkerboarding. That isn’t the ideal way of reaching 4K but it definitely results in a better looking picture.

When asked about Destiny 2 receiving an Xbox One X performance boost, we received the following response from Activision:

Destiny 2 will support Xbox One X, but we don’t have any other announcements or new info to share today.

There you have it. The team at Destiny 2 will support the new hardware but don’t have anything to share as of yet. The review sample of the Xbox One X came with a whole bunch of games that will receive support with the Xbox One X and Destiny 2 was included with them.

In an interview with Edge magazine, reported by Wccftech, Destiny 2 executive producer Mark Noseworthy said 60 FPS would have been possible for the console versions but that would have led Bungie to make compromises that they were unwilling to make.

Noseworthy continues by saying the team wanted to make a good game first before worrying about technical things such as the framerate. He encourages those interested in increased framerates to check out the PC version.

“First and foremost, we’re trying to make an incredible action game,” Noseworthy continued. “We don’t feel we’ve been held back by the choices we’ve made about world simulation versus frame rate; in fact, we think we’re offering a player experience you can’t have elsewhere because of the choices we’re making. But if frame rate is something that’s really important to you, there is a platform now where you can spend as much money as you want, to go as fast as you want.”

Destiny 2 on PC features support for true 4K resolutions, uncapped framerates, full mouse and keyboard support complete with custom key mapping, text chat, and adjustable Field of View slider, detailed PC settings screen and full 21:9 widescreen monitor support. Bungie went out of their way to make the PC version feel worthy of the platform.

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