DOOM (Nintendo Switch): How to Play Online With Friends


DOOM has officially released on the Nintendo Switch and it’s looking to bring some demon slaughter action on the go. While this version of DOOM is offering the campaign and a special point based Arcade mode, the big draw will be multiplayer. Embracing the frantic and fast-paced combat of games like Quake and Unreal Tournament, DOOM allows up to 12 players to compete in various gameplay modes like Team Deathmatch and Domination.

However, sometimes you want to play with friends and shoot each other. If you are looking to play with friends you’ll need to first make sure you add them through Nintendo’s social feature. This can be done by either adding their friend code or looking for those you have recently played with. Keep in mind none of the voice chat features are currently available for DOOM via the official Nintendo application. If you want to talk to others then you’ll need to utilize third party software like Discord or Skype.

Once you load up DOOM go to the Multiplayer section and you will see several options for players to choose from. You can play with others in both public and private matches so it doesn’t matter which you choose. To invite someone, hit Y to bring up the Online tab in the bottom right corner of your screen. This section will display any invites that you have received from others and let you select your friends with the X button. Keep in mind you can only highlight ones that are currently online.

You can also add friends who are in matches that are currently going. To do this, highlight their names in the lobby list and then press A. This will let you examine their profile and send a friend request. If for whatever reason they leave before you get a chance, just go to the Switch Home screen and then to your Friends section. From here you should be able to see recent players and send a friend request to whoever you want.

DOOM’s multiplayer is certainly going to be one of the biggest draws for fans thanks to the 6.66 update. Not only did this revamp the entire progression system, but allowed access to all of the online DLC for free. The SnapMap has also been removed, which means you shouldn’t expect to play any wacky or unique custom games anytime soon. Sadly there is no co-op in the campaign so if you want to game with others this will be your only option. Since many of the modes are team oriented we do recommend trying to play with others.

Even though it’s not necessary we recommend playing DOOM with at least some friends. Obtaining power-ups and securing the higher ground is critical to claiming victory in this game. Remember to drop everything and go for the demon power-up when it spawns, as turning into one of those monsters can easily turn the tide of battle.

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