7 Essential Xbox One X Enhanced Games You Need (2018)

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The long-awaited day is here, as gamers have a brand new console to check out with today’s release of the Xbox One X. We’ve had the Xbox One X in our office for the past week and a half, and we’ve kicked the tires to test Microsoft’s claim that it’s the best, most powerful console on the market.

Long story short, yes, it is, and Microsoft should be proud of their latest entry in the Xbox One family. If you want to know more about the console, itself, check out my Xbox One X review. But we’re not here to talk about the console, are we? Let’s talk about games!

One of the biggest arguments we hear when people talk about the endless battle between PlayStation and Xbox is that Sony has all of these impressive exclusive PS4 games, while Microsoft simply doesn’t. Well, the Xbox One does have a few top-tier quality games in its lineup, including Forza 7, Gears of War 4, Cuphead, and Quantum Break. But, with the Xbox One X, the Xbox marketing team should be focusing on one thing: the fact that the Xbox One X will provide you with THE best experience for third party games, as well.

So, if you’ve unboxed your shiny new video game console and you’re wondering what the best Xbox One X enhanced games are, we’ve got you covered. The list below contains 7 absolutely essential Xbox One X enhanced games to play on launch day.

Note: If you have yet to pick up an Xbox One X, stay tuned to our best daily toy deals post for possible sales and bundles.

1. Middle-earth: Shadow of War

[4K] Shadow of War: Early Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison + Frame-Rate TestIs it a true 4K on console? An initial look at this early Xbox One X build of Shadow of War shows it's shaping up nicely ahead of launch. Comparisons with PS4 Pro reveal it hitting higher resolutions,- and with vastly improved texture quality. Tom goes into more detail. DF Patreon supporters can grab the…2017-10-19T18:51:32.000Z

Middle-earth: Shadow of War may have released back in September, but the game has been enhanced for Xbox One X just a day before the Xbox One X’s release date. The update brings the game’s graphics to 4K and HDR quality, and it’s no surprise that the game was used to show off the console’s capabilities when it was first announced. It already has won over 60 awards and nominations, and we’re expecting it to be in talks for Game of the Year next month.

The Xbox One X enhanced version of Shadow of War looks stunning in 4K with HDR, and it brings Sauron’s fortresses to life.

Price: As low as $49.99

Buy Shadow of War Digital Version for Xbox One here.

2. Call of Duty: WWII

Official Call of Duty®: WWII Reveal TrailerWWII confirmed. Over two years in the making, Sledgehammer Games delivers a gritty, personal experience in the setting of the largest worldwide conflict in history to a new gaming generation in Call of Duty®: WWII. Play through the story of ordinary men turned soldiers in the 1st Infantry Division as they fight to preserve freedom…2017-04-26T17:05:23.000Z

This year’s Call of Duty is actually, surprisingly, great, and it not only serves as a return to form for the recently declining franchise, but also as one of the best Call of Duty games of the past eight or nine years. But despite the marketing for the game mostly leaning towards the PlayStation side of things because of the deal between Activision and Sony, the best version of Call of Duty: WW2 will be on the Xbox One X. The Xbox One X enhanced edition of Call of Duty brings true 4K and HDR visuals, and the game will look and play at its best on Microsoft’s new beast of a console.

Price: $52.99

Buy Call of Duty: WWII for Xbox One here.

3. Gears of War 4 Ultimate Deluxe Edition

[4K HDR] Gears of War 4 – Xbox One X Enhanced – First Look!Yes, we can finally start talking about Xbox One X, so why not show one of the most impressive 4K ultra HD titles on the system – Gears of War 4. And hey, why not do the whole video in HDR too? Get the full lowdown on both the native 4K mode and the performance…2017-11-03T07:01:34.000Z

Of course, one of Microsoft’s biggest Xbox One exclusives so far is the return of Gears of War with Gears of War 4, and the highly-rated game has big improvements on the Xbox One X. Not only does Gears 4 get the 4K treatment, but it also gets Wide Color Gamut HDR and Dolby Atmos Support for the best sound available (and, seriously, it sounds great through my Plantronics Rig 800LX headset).

There are some clear changes to the game’s dynamic shadows, and there’s a significant increase to the draw distance as well. It also has the Optimal Performance Mode that will bring the Horde mode and Campaign mode to an impressive 60fps.

If you’re looking for a great Xbox One exclusive game that really shows off what the Xbox One X can do visually, Gears of War 4 is one of the best bets.

Price: $39.99

Buy Gears of War 4 Ultimate Deluxe Edition Xbox One Digital Code here.

4. Forza Motorsport 7

Forza Motorsport 7: Built for Xbox One XWatch as Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt, Bill Giese, Chris Tector plus Xbox's Albert Penello and IndyCar Champion Josef Newgarden tell the story of how Turn10 Studios built the ultimate racing experience and the visual showcase for the Xbox One X. Experience the danger and beauty of competitive racing at the limit in Forza Motorsport 7.…2017-11-07T04:38:32.000Z

Of course, racing games are always used to show off a new console’s graphical prowess, and Forza Motorsport 7 most certainly shows-off what the Xbox One X can do. The Xbox One X enhancement update brings the game to true 4K visuals and an impressive (and steady) 60fps. There are also subtle changes to lighting, shadows, and reflections that bring the game from its already awe-inspiring visuals to something even more godly.

Pair the new visual upgrade with the game’s newest update that brings back the Auction House and Forzathon, and you’ve got yourself a new playground to kick the tires of your new powerhouse console.

The enhancements make Forza 7 the most visually stunning racing game to date, and that’s why it’s an absolute launch day essential.

Price: $49.90 (17 percent off MSRP)

Buy Forza Motorsport 7 Enhanced on Xbox One here.

5. Super Lucky’s Tale (If You Have Kids)

15 Minutes of Super Lucky's Tale Gameplay on Xbox One XWe check out the platforming charmer Super Lucky's Tale on the new Xbox One X. Watch more from Gamescom 2017 here! youtube.com/watch?v=WWuC3Alstdk&list=PLraFbwCoisJCAEcrBajbVs16P5kAxDKlj Subscribe to IGN for more! youtube.com/user/IGNentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 ——————————­—- Follow IGN for more! ——————————­—- YOUTUBE: youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: facebook.com/ign TWITTER: twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: ign.com/ GOOGLE+: plus.google.com/+IGN2017-08-24T09:30:01.000Z

Super Lucky’s Tale might be highly derivative, but that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable by any means. It’s a charming little platformer that, while clearly aimed at kids, can be played by adults as well. It’s not a difficult game by any means, either, which is part of its mass appeal. If you’re looking for a game that you don’t have to think about while you’re playing, and you just want to enjoy the colorful visuals, Super Lucky’s Tale is a great option.

It also helps that the colorful world is presented in true 4K Ultra HD and at 60fps. What’s more, it feature Dolby Atmos sound, so it sounds incredible as well.

Price: $29.99

Buy Super Lucky’s Tale Enhanced for Xbox One here.

6. Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Assassin’s Creed Origins: Gamescom 2017 Cinematic TrailerWatch the Assassin’s Creed Origins Cinematic Trailer and discover the conflict that awaits in ancient Egypt. Song: “You Want It Darker” by Leonard Cohen2017-08-20T19:10:51.000Z

Call of Duty isn’t the only longstanding franchise to decline and then come back with a vengeance in 2017, as this year’s Assassin’s Creed: Origins is the best Assassin’s Creed yet. The game is set in the series’ most alluring locales yet: ancient Egypt. The campaign will take you roughly 30 hours, but there’s so much to do after that, and we’re still exploring the beautiful map.

If you’re looking for the absolute best way to play Ubisoft’s latest, the Xbox One X is the best option, hands-down, as it brings the game to a full 4K resolution and HDR. But possibly even more importantly is that the game loads MUCH faster on Xbox One X than on the Xbox One S or other consoles. With the Xbox One X version getting you in-game much sooner. Don’t believe me? See the video below.


Price: $59.99

Buy Assassin’s Creed Origins here.

7. Quantum Break

Quantum Break – The Game AwardsFrom Remedy Entertainment, the masters of cinematic action games and rich storytelling comes Quantum Break.2015-12-04T04:00:01.000Z

I think Quantum Break is one of those games that’s criminally underrated and underappreciated. I really liked what Quantum Break did, presenting one of the most enthralling stories I’ve seen in a video game in quite some time (see my full Quantum Break review here). But if you missed the Xbox exclusive the first time around, now is the time to jump in and check it out, as it looks absolutely stunning on the Xbox One X.

The already-impressive game is taken to new graphical heights thanks to the 4K texture upgrade and 4x increase in resolution, and it runs without a hiccup. It looks so great, in fact, I might actually jump back-in myself for a second run through.

Price: $21.93

Buy Quantum Break here.

Want to know what other Xbox One X enhanced games are available now? Check out Microsoft’s official list.

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