Heroes of the Storm: Official Review of Patch 28.5

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Blizzard Entertainment

When you open up the latest Patch Notes to see the latest changes to Heroes of the Storm, you will see a lot of names. If your a glass half empty type of person, that usually means a lot of buffs for the heroes you don’t play and a bunch of nerfs for the ones you do. Just remember it’s all for the sake of balance so let’s see what Blizzard Entertainment has cooked up for Official Patch 28.5.

12 Heroes Make The List- Who Goes Up & Who Goes Down?

This Hallow’s End event still has some life in it and hopefully so do your favorite heroes, after Patch 28.5. Let’s talk about Assassins first because killing is their business and business is good.

Junkrat receives boosts to his maximum health and health regen. His Q ability, Frag Launcher, receives a minor damage increase.

His level 4 talents receive some alterations: Taste for Explosions loses some of its robust damage output, Bonzer Hits gets a 10% increase to damage, and the awesomely named Gotta Trap ‘Em All only needs to hit 7 heroes now.

Level 7 marks a nice stun duration increase for Sticky Wicket and it ups Junkrat’s ability to secure a kill, with a nicely placed trap.

Jimmy Ray-Ray receives some much needed cooldown reduction on his Adrenaline Rush talent. This means more buff for the team and more melting of tanks.

Relentless Leader the passive talent, available at level 4, also increases cooldown reduction of Adrenaline Rush from 15 to 10 seconds.

Tychus is just begging for more damage right. No way?!?! I get melted by this guy 5 times a week, but that’s what happened. This cigar smoking criminal receives a basic damage increase as does the primary and secondary damage of Overkill.

Valla loses some of her Hungering Arrow build potential with less primary and less bounce damage. Though her Caltrops quest just got a little easier and that’s a big plus.

Zul’jin receives a cooldown increase to Guillotine and although it’s being used more now; it still isn’t the most worrisome ult from him. Everywhere else across the board he receives some boosts. Various level 1, 4, 7, and 13 talents all receive dmg/attack speed buffs.

Supports, Specialists and the Mighty Warriors

Azmodan has been working out and so he’s trimmed down a bit. He’s gained an easier quest at level 1 with Sieging Wrath now requiring less damage to complete. Though the General of Hell perk is unable to boost minion & mercenary health. It does make the creep wave more powerful with the damage increase buff from 15 to 25%.

Zagara has to wait a little longer to drop nydus worms now that the cooldown for each new charge has increased by 40 seconds. Kharazim receives less movement speed from his Iron Fists but receives new functionality to his other two.

Transcendence now grants khara 25% movement speed on the third punch and Insight now also grants khara 25% movement speed on the third punch. This only increases his hit and run damage potential no matter what trait you select at level 1.

Now even more monster than man, Stukov receives an increase to his base health and a hefty boost to health regen. Then there is Garrosh who should be nerfed to oblivion according to Bronze Leaguers. Keep dreaming because his only change is at level 16. The talent Earthshaker receives a slightly lower stun duration, .15 seconds slightly lower.

Muradin loses some power on Storm Bolt but can get it back by selecting Sledgehammer at level 4. Level 7 also promotes some of his overwhelm-ability with Heavy Impact now slowing enemies by 80% even if for less than a second.

Leoric now gets that awful tomb thing every 50 seconds instead of every minute. Though the greatest talent name in the game gets a damage increase from 75 to 100%. Which talent is that? It’s Kneel Peasants which increases his damage to minions and increases his wave clear early. With a good wraith walk, Leo can manage to soak two lanes at once now.

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