Overwatch Blizzard World Skins Reference Other Blizzard Games

torbjorn new skin, torbjorn bronzebeard

New skins for the heroes of Overwatch were revealed during BlizzCon 2017.

Most of the skins are based off of Blizzard’s other games, chiefly World of Warcraft. Other skins are based off of the outfits of the heroes who star in the animated shorts. Blizzard have stated that the inspirations for the heroes came from World of Warcraft classes and more, so it makes sense for them to pay double homage.

Here are all of the upcoming skins as well as their inspirations.

Orisa – Immortal

Orisa Immortal Overwatch

Orisa’s new skin comes from the Immortal from Starcraft II. The Immortal are a cybernetic war machine for the Protoss, one of the three dominant beings in the Milky Way along with the Terrans and the Zerg according to the Starcraft wiki.

Torbjorn – Magni Bronzebeard

Bronzebeard Torbjorn Overwatch

Torbjorn’s new skin is directly modeled and named after Magni Bronzebeard of World of Warcraft fame. According to the World of Warcraft wiki, he was the king of the dwarven kingdom of Khaz Modan as well as the head of the Bronzebeard Clan and the Senate of Ironforge. He since then passed his leadership to the Council of Three Hammers when he became the servant of Azeroth and warned the Alliance about the invasion of the Burning Legion.

Widowmaker – Nova

Nova Widowmaker Overwatch

Widowmaker’s Nova skin is modeled after November “Nova” Terra from the StarCraft universe. She is one of the Terran Dominion’s best psionic soldiers and a deadly assassin in her own right, according to the Heroes of the Storm wiki.

Nova also makes a prominent appearance in Heroes of the Storm. Not only that, but you can get a skin for her that turns her into Widowmaker. Christopher Nolan would be proud.

Doomfist – Blackhand

Blackhand Doomfist Overwatch

Doomfist’s new skin is named after Blackhand from Warcraft. Blackhand is the Warchief for the Horde facing off against the Stormwind during the First War, according to the World of Warcraft wiki.

The name could also be a reference to the Blackhand Key, a unique Grave Wand in Diablo II and a legendary wand for the Wizard in Diablo III, according to the Diablo wiki.

Zarya – Barbarian

Barbarian Zarya Overwatch

Zarya is modeled after the Barbarian class in Diablo, specifically the female Barbarian from Diablo III. The Barbarians lived to protect their home of Mount Arreat and the Worldstone within, according to the Diablo wiki. However when the Worldstone was destroyed, many lost faith and wondered the land aimlessly. But some still honor the mountain and strive to find a new purpose for themselves.

Roadhog – Bucher

Butcher Roadhog Overwatch

Roadhog’s new skin is inspired by the classic Diablo enemy, The Butcher. The Bucher in Diablo I was an Overlord who killed off Tristram’s townsfolk after the Archbishop Lazarus intentionally led them to The Butcher, according to the Diablo wiki. In Diablo III, players can fight it again in the Anniversary Dungeon. The Butcher doesn’t appear in Diablo II but you can find an exceptional unique cleaver called the Butcher’s Pupil in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Roadhog even says “Fresh meat” just like The Butcher did.

Reinhardt – Crusader

reinhardt new skin, reinhardt crusader

Reinhardt’s new skin is based on his appearance in the animated short Honor and Glory shown off during BlizzCon 2017. The short depicts a much younger Reinhardt as a Crusader, a military order in Germany, battling the Omnics in the town of Eichenwalde with his old friend Balderich von Adler. We also see how Adler loses his life and how the events changed Reinhardt in the years that follow.

Basically, this skin will be the new Young Genji.

Mei – Ecopoint

Mei’s new skin is based on her appearance in the animated short Rise and Shine which released in August. The short details Mei’s backstory and how she escaped Ecopoint after a failed experiment left her in cyrosleep for nine years and left her colleagues dead. The new skin is the same outfit she wears when outside of Ecopoint and her weapon is the same one she cobbles together from spare materials around the base.

A moment of silence for the Summer Games pajamas she wore in the short.

BlizzCon 2017 also saw the announcement of a new hero known as Moira. She’s a controversial genetics scientist that is equally skilled in healing allies and dealing damage. She’s getting some cool skins of her own.

Moira Oasis Skin

The new skins are part of the upcoming Blizzard World map, a theme park filled with references to Blizzard’s games. The skins as well as the map are coming in early 2018, and they won’t be restricted to a limited-time loot box. In fact, according to US Gamer, Blizzard will now release skins into regular loot box rotation outside of timed events. It’s unconfirmed what this means for former timed event skins.