Sniper Strike: Special Ops: Top Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top eight tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Sniper Strike: Special Ops.

1. Aim for the Head

• Pick your shots carefully and hit enemies in vulnerable spots for the most efficient kills. Hitting enemies in their armor will cause less damage, so an accurate shot might just be the difference between life and death on a mission.

2. Reload Often – And be Ready for Anything

• As you fight your way through the Campaign, take the opportunity to reload between the high octane fire fights…having extra bullets in the clip will mean you’re always prepared for what’s around the corner (including surprise attacks!).

3. Prioritize Your Targets

• Some enemies pose more of a threat, whilst others are more likely to flee the scene when a fire fight starts. Before you take that first shot, consider your objective and survey the environment to make sure you deal with the biggest risks first.

4. Upgrade Your Weapon to Become Even More Deadly

Sniper Strike Special Ops

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• You’re only as good as your arsenal, so when it comes to your weapons make sure to upgrade them with the Cash you earn as you play. Less recoil, more range, or a few extra bullets in the clip can make the world of difference when you’re surrounded by enemies.