Super Lucky’s Tale Review: Xbox’s New Mascot?

Super Lucky's Tale


  1. Game: Super Lucky’s Tale
  2. Platforms: Xbox One, PC (Reviewed)
  3. Publisher: Microsoft Studios
  4. Developer: Playful Corp.
  5. A complimentary copy was provided for this review.

It has been sort of a renaissance year for 3D platformers, hasn’t it? We’ve seen the release of Yooka-Laylee, Snake Pass, Super Mario Odyssey and now Super Lucky’s Tale. I can’t really remember a time in recent memory when so many platform games released so close to each other but I’m glad they did.

Super Lucky’s Tale is the newest Xbox One console exclusive and it’s here in time for the release of the Xbox One X. While this doesn’t seem like the ideal game to showcase the power and features of the new console, it gets the job done. With its bright colors and cartoony look, Super Lucky’s Tale will really shine in high resolutions.

You may (or probably not) remember Lucky from his previous adventure from Lucky’s Tale, an Oculus Rift exclusive. Super Lucky’s Tale is actually a sequel to that game and thankfully isn’t a VR game. What you’ll get with Super Lucky’s Tale is a charming 3D adventure, albeit not a very long one, and one that will feel very rewarding upon completion.

Let me get this out of the way right now, Super Lucky’s Tale will challenge you in many spots but is certainly not a difficult game by any stretch of the imagination. The game is pretty liberal with giving you new lives and most of the enemies are relatively easy to defeat. The hardest parts of the game will be solving the various fox hole puzzles you come across and even those just take a couple minutes to figure out.

There will certainly be some trial and error to get through some parts but those will be very few and far between. Just because this game is easy doesn’t may you shouldn’t give it a shot. Super Lucky’s Tale is perfect for those who don’t want something stressful and something you can just relax to.

Despite not being developed by Rare, Super Lucky’s Tale reminded me a lot of the N64 Rare days with Banjo Kazooie and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Admittedly the Conker comparison comes from Lucky looking a little like Conker. The relaxing soundtrack gives me serious Banjo vibes though and I don’t know if that’s intentional or it’s nostalgia taking the wheel.

Since the game launches with the Xbox One X, Super Lucky’s Tale will see some added benefits from Microsoft’s new hardware. Microsoft has stated the game will run in a native 4K resolution and 60 FPS, making it one of the first console games to reach that level of performance. Of course this game doesn’t require a whole lot to run but it’s still impressive.

In terms of story, well, there isn’t really one. The game starts out with Jinx and his gang of children known as the Kitty Litter as they steal the Book of Ages. From there Lucky goes off on his adventure through the four different worlds trying to save them all. The whole ordeal lasted me roughly 10 hours and that’s with the complete 1000 gamerscore and collecting every clover in the game. I mentioned the game was easy, right?

The worst thing I can say about the game is the fact that is is just painfully short. For a game that retails at half the price of a normal game, I guess I can’t complain too much but I was pretty sad to see it end. Through my 11 hour and five minute journey according the the Xbox App’s time counter, I gathered up every clover, grabbed 14,804 coins and burrowed 10,082 meters. This means if you’re not a completionist, you can plow through this game even quicker. However, that is my biggest complaint and that’s saying something.

Bottom Line

Super Lucky's Tale

I don’t want to say Super Lucky’s Tale is better than Super Mario Odyssey, because it isn’t, but it comes pretty close to matching the overall level of joy and fun found in that game. Although the game is short and pretty easy, I enjoyed every second I spent with the title and I’m glad I played it. I haven’t played a game that I felt excited to fire up when I woke up every morning in a long time.

For $30, I can think of a lot of worse purchases you can make. If you’re an Xbox One owner and dying for a new platformer to play, look no further than Super Lucky’s Tale. If the game performs well enough, it’s possible Microsoft could have a new mascot on its hands.

Score: 8.5/10


  • Bright and colorful environment
  • Not overly difficult
  • Excellent sense of progression
  • Stress-free gameplay
  • Easy to 100 percent


  • Too short
  • Might be too easy for some
  • Little to no storyline
  • Some minor camera issues

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