Destiny 2 4K and HDR Now Available on Xbox One X

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is now enhanced with 4K and HDR on Xbox One X.

Lawrence “Larry” Hryb, director of programming for Xbox Live, announced the news today. You can download the update right now.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris, the first expansion for the game, releases today at 11:00 a.m. EST. The expansion offers more PvE content on Mercury as well as new “Raid Lairs: which act as slightly smaller versions of a normal raid as players battle new encounters across the underbelly of the Leviathan ship. Not only will there be new weapons and armor to collect and use but the existing loot table has been altered to now drop higher ranked items to fit with the increased Light level cap of 330.

That’s not the only update coming to Destiny 2. Today developer Bungie rolled out Armor Ornaments as part of their long list of updates over this week and the next one. Ornaments add some more visual flair to armor and are unlocked by completing objectives specific to each set. They are permanently unlocked account-wide just like ornaments for Exotic Weapons. Today’s update also allows players to dismantle rare mods into Gunsmith Materials at the Gunsmith vendor and have a chance to produce legendary Mod Components. The Gunsmith will also have a daily rotating selection of specific legendary mods for direct purchase with Legendary Shards and Mod Components. Master Rahool will start selling Legendary Engrams for Legendary Shards. There are also a number of changes affecting Reputation Tokens, including an increase in token awards for daily challenges, Cayde’s Treasure Chests offering guaranteed tokens, Strikes dropping a larger number of Vangaurd tokens, increasing the drop rate of common Destination Resource tokens, and other changes.

The update on December 12 will add Masterworks weapons, enhanced versions of legendary weapons that can track and display kill counts with the weapon, generate orbs for you and allies on multi-kills, and have random, re-rollable stat bonuses. Masterworks weapons can drop from any source of legendary weapons for players above 250 Power. You can also upgrade legendary weapons to Masterwork ones by using the materials acquired by dismantling Masterwork weapons. Raid and Trials of the Nine Weapons will have a very high chance of being Masterworks when collected.

The December 12 update will also allow you to buy Faction armor and weapons for Legendary Shards and Faction Tokens. Xur will also let you acquire one of the new Fated Engrams using Legendary Shards that will decrypt as Exotics that you haven’t already unlocked. The ability of Xur’s Three of Coins item will be simplified to boosting Exotic drop rates from any source for 4 hours. Commander Zavala and Lord Shaxx will sell Gift consumables for Legendary SHards that can be used during a Strike or Crucible Match and will grant bonus rewards like Faction Tokens or a round of Exotics to everyone in the activity upon completion including foes. Exploit safeguards on Chests and Resource Nodes will become relaxed and players should encounter them less frequently. Plus, Vendors will beckon you to give them your Reputation Tokens only of you have enough for a Reward Engram.

Bungie disabled a scaling mechanism that adjusted XP gains without reflecting those adjustments in the UI about a week back. The XP scaling caused an uproar in the community as it was seen as a way to make grinding for Bright Engrams feel slower and thus make the option to buy them instantly with real money look more attractive. Bungie are currently rebalancing XP gain in the game after disabling the mechanic.