Destiny 2 Raid Lair: How to Break the Vex Barrier

Destiny 2

Oh did you think this raid was going to be Cabal focused? Welcome to the first real encounter of the Destiny 2 Raid Lair. In this section, players will need to not only contend with various Vex enemies that are populating the floating platforms but charge various “Vex Craniums” with a specific element. These craniums must be charged and then used to destroy elemental crystals that are protruding from the large floating Vex machine. Before you begin, split up into three teams of two and decide which group is responsible for which element.

(TL;DR at the bottom)

In your teams of two, one person will be the defender for one of the various elemental deposit points and the other is going to be a runner. The goal here is to collect the various Vex Craniums that spawn and place them in one of the three elemental deposit points to charge. Once they are charged a player can take them out and then fire an elemental beam at the crystal that matches the elemental type. So if you charge a Vex Cranium with void energy then it can be used on a void crystal.  There will only be three Vex Craniums out at any time, so speed and communication are critical here.

Additionally, elemental crystals can spawn on each of the three sides of this Vex machine. Your team will need to call out what type of Vex crystal is needed on which side. There will be multiple combinations, some of which will require players to charge two to three Craniums with the same element. This makes communication key, so always have people calling out which elemental crystals spawn and which Craniums are charging.

To actually charge a Vex Cranium, simply pick it up and run it over to one of the three color-coded elemental deposits. Place it in one of the three torches and eventually when the fires are high enough the Vex Cranium will be charged with that element. You will need to destroy multiple crystals to complete this encounter, so don’t stop charging Craniums until all of the metal material around the energy diamond is gone.

Defenders have the easiest, but perhaps the most important job for this fight. They are required to simply kill all the Vex that spawn and protect their Cranium runners. Always focus on the minotaurs firsts as their splash damage can easily kill a runner trying to collect Carniums. You can have the defenders call out which crystals spawn which side, but it’s better to just let the runners do this. This entire encounter is simply just charging various Craniums, firing elemental energy beams, and destroying crystals. Nothing changes during this entire encounter, so don’t expect any big surprises.

To Recap:

  • Split up into three teams of two, assigning each group to an element. 
  • Three people will be runners and three people will be defenders. 
  • Runners need to gather Vex Craniums that spawn and charge them at three elemental plates.
  • The element you charge a Cranium with needs to match the elemental crystal on the Vex machine.
  • Once a Cranium is charged, use the beam to destroy one of the Vex crystals of the same elemental type.
  • Defenders just need to kill the Vex.
  • Repeated gather Vex Craniums, charging them, and destroying crystals until the encounter ends.

After you break the barrier make your way over to the entrance to find another chest full of loot waiting for. Now the real fight begins, so prep your team because this Vex Hydra is one tough foe.

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