Destiny 2 The Dawning: How to Get Dawning Engrams

Destiny 2 The Dawning

The first holiday themed event for Destiny 2 is finally here and it’s bringing a plethora of loot with it. There are 59 new Eververse items that players can obtain, however, unlike the rest of Destiny 2 earning these cosmetic items will take a bit of time. One of the first things to note is these do not replace Illuminated Engrams. You will still earn these by leveling up your character, as Dawning Engrams are only tied to specific activities in Destiny 2.

The easiest way to obtain Dawning Engrams is by completing the various Spreading Holiday Cheer Milestones. This Milestone will require players to finish various activities like finishing 5 Mayhem Clash games or 5 different Strikes. At the end of each of these steps users will be given a Dawning Engram to decrypt at Eververse. This appears to be the only way to obtain Dawning Engrams since leveling up your character will not reward you with one. Because of this, we highly recommend completing the Spreading Holiday Cheer Milestone across all of your characters. This will give you the best chance at unlocking the cosmetic items you need for your Guardian.

Additionally, players can directly purchase Dawning Engrams from the Eververse station for real world money. This is obviously not ideal, but it is a way to obtain multiple engrams if your luck isn’t great. Tess will also rotate a selection of items to purchase from her that are focused around The Dawning event. These will cost you Bright Dust which can obtained by opening normal Illuminated Engrams, deconstructing Sparrows, and deconstructing ships. If there is a piece you really want I recommend just buying it directly off Tess since there’s a fairly low chance you’ll get the one you want.

Outside of new emotes, shaders, Sparrows, and ships to purchase there are also new armor sets for each of the three characters. These are dubbed the “Winerhart” sets and it consists of five pieces per class. They all look gorgeous and are by far some of the most ornate looking gear pieces in all of Destiny 2. There is also a new Exotic Ghost shell called the Winter Lotus and a special Exotic emote dubbed Giving.

Purchasing a piece of armor from Tess will run your 1,200 Bright Dust, with other items ranging between 800 and 150 if they’re not Exotic. Also, players can be randomaly given a Boon of the Dawning at the end of activities. When used, everyone in a fireteam or Crucible match will obtain a special gift from this event. There is a chance to obtain an Exotic as well, but typically it will end up being a Legendary cosmetic.

Finally, there will be daily gifts given out by Ikora Rey that revolve around collecting a specific number of planetary materials and killing enemies. These will gift items once these tiny quests are finished and can be a nice way to supplement the lack of overall drops during this event. Focus on the Milestones first, but make sure to grab your free gifts before venturing out. It’s more than possible to complete some of these objectives simultaneously, which can speed things up.

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