Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris: How to Unlock the Lighthouse (Mercury)

Destiny 2


The first expansion for Destiny 2 has officially released and it’s taking players to the Vex controlled planet of Mercury.  While this planet has shown up in the previous Destiny via PvP related activities, users have never had a chance to actually explore the planet. Thankfully, this has changed with Curse of Osiris as it allows Guardians new and old to venture to this deadly location in search of a legendary Warlock known as Osiris.

However, users will not be able to access this planet right off the bat, as they will need to watch a cutscene first. This can be accomplished by selecting the yellow and black eye icon right over the planet Earth in the Directory. After the movie is over, users will be taken right to The Tower where they will meet with Ikora Rey and discuss Osiris. Once this is finished players will be sent to Mercury in order to locate Brother Vance and learn more about the fate of this Warlock. You need to finish the first mission of the campaign to unlock the Lighthouse and Mercury. There is no other way to access it until this is finished.

This will not be a walk in the park, as Mercury is completely littered with Vex and you cannot call your Sparrow to drive by them. Make your way through this mission slaying the various types of Vex until you reach the entrance to The Infinite Forest. This will trigger an event that blocks your path and calls forth an army of time-traveling Vex soldiers. These guys hit a little harder, but you shouldn’t run into any issues fighting them off.

Continue through the level towards the waypoint until you reach an area with a large cube trapped behind a Vex shield. It’s impossible to destroy this cube until you wipe out all of the Vex reinforcements that spawn in front of the door. Once you clear out a few waves of basic enemies, a large mini-boss Minotaur will spawn. Use the pillars as cover when he attacks and focus your fire on the glowing white diamond on his stomach. The Vex will try and overwhelm you with their sheer numbers, so make sure to pick off the Goblins and Harpies that flank you.

After the boss Minotaur falls,  the shield around the cube will drop you to destroy it with ease. After it blows up the door will open and allow access to Brother Vance. Speak with him to end the mission and officially unlock the Lighthouse and Mercury to explore. The Infinite Forest will still be temporarily locked, but you are now free to roam around this planet at your leisure. Keep in mind your next Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris campaign mission is actually set on Earth and not Mercury.

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