Splatoon 2 Clam Blitz Tips and How to Play

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Nintendo Versus

Splatoon 2‘s newest ranked game mode launches tonight. The new mode, Clam Blitz, is part soccer, part basketball, part scavenger hunt, and part turf war. Below, you’ll find essential Splatoon 2 Clam Blitz tips to get you on your way to success.

The goal of the game is to throw more clams into the opponent’s goal than your opponent can throw in your goal.

Clams will be strewn across the map, usually in groups of four. Touching them will cause them to follow you. If you collect 10 clams, they will turn into a football-shaped Power Clam.

What you need to do is take your Power Clam and toss it (with the A button) at the opponent’s goal at the other side of the map. This will remove the barrier and allow you and your teammates to throw clams into the basket. Standard clams are worth three points while Power Clams are worth 20.

If a team scores 100 points, or has the most points at the end of the five minute match, then they win the game.

When a goal’s barrier is broken, it will reform after about 13 seconds. According to Nintendo Versus, the game mode has penalties similar to the Splat Zone game mode. If a team doesn’t lower their counter to zero before the barrier around the opponent’s goal reforms, then they have a penalty score that they need to lower by scoring points before they can lower their main point counter.

If an opponent splats you while you have clams following you, your clams are dropped on the ground for your opponent, or possibly a teammate, to scoop up. If the opponent splats you while you have a Power Clam, the Power Clam is dropped but the opponent cannot pick it up. Only your teammates can pick up your dropped Power Clam. The dropped Power Clam will disappear if not picked up.

Your locations will be highlighted to the enemy if you are carrying a Power Clam, similar to if you were carrying the Rainmaker. This can make you a sitting duck if you’re not careful, so be sure to move with teammates so you can be prepared if you walk into an ambush.

The location of standard clams on the map will be highlighted to you after sitting there for a bit. Look for big clusters of purple circles but watch out because an opponent may be after them as well.

Also when a goal’s barrier is restored, the goal drops a Power Clam for the team to pick up and use according to Nintendo Versus.

Another interesting tidbit is that if you break the barrier around your opponent’s goal, your team’s goal retracts and becomes invincible for as long as the opponent’s goal remains vulnerable.

According to the footage provided by Nintendo Versus, you can hit the mechanism above the barrier to destroy it that way. You don’t always have to hit the barrier itself.

Here are some other quick tips:

  • Wait near groups of clams so you can ambush an opponent.
  • Toss sub weapons at choke points or narrow passages (especially ones near the goal) to catch opponents.
  • Brushes will let you move around the arena much faster than swimming, which makes them perfect for picking up clams. They make effective close range weapons as well. Just don’t pick a fight with an opponent with a long range weapon.
  • Follow anyone carrying a Power Clam so you can protect them and toss your clams at the goal they open up.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day. 

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