Call of Duty: WWII Zombies Map “The Darkest Shore” Gets a Bloody New Trailer

COD WWII The Darkest Shore

The first new Nazi Zombies map for Call of Duty: WWII has officially received a trailer. Titled “The Darkest Shore,” this level is included in the first multiplayer map pack for the game. Like other Nazi Zombie maps in the previous Call of Duty titles, The Darkest Shore will act as a direct continuation of the four survivor’s story. The mode is set on an island north of Germany that is covered in fog and circled by various Nazi warships. Players will assume the role of one of the four survivors and will be tasked with uncovering the secrets of this remote locations.

For the unfamiliar, the Call of Duty: WWII version of this popular co-op mode is focused on delivering more than just wave-based combat. This time, players will have clear objectives that they will need to complete if they want to survive. These included opening specific doors, charging up specific items, or defending objective points from hordes of the undead. Users would earn points for this and killing zombies which allowed them to unlock new areas, purchase power-ups, obtain new weapons, or upgrade their existing firearms. It was one of the standout modes in the core game and featured its own leveling system.

This new map appears to be much more confined than the last one which was set in a destroyed village and underground town. Players appear to be fighting predominately in the blood-stained trenches on the island and in another underground area. While this video is mum on a lot of the core details, there are some intriguing sections and objects shown throughout the video. One of which is a new weapon that fires saw blades which feels ripped right out of the horror game Dead Space. We also get very brief glimpses of possible new zombies such as one with limbs protruding out of its back.

There are also new environmental hazards displayed in the form of submarine rotor blades dicing up a horde of ghouls. We can infer from this that users will be battling it out in a hanger for the various Nazi U-Boats and other vessels that appear to patrol the water. There’s also a curious moment that shows a player taking down a squadron of planes doing strafing runs over the island. It’s possible that users will need to worry about more than just the undead in The Darkest Shore.

Finally, there’s a moment that shows an odd statue that’s bleeding from the eyes. This could infer possible cult or ritualistic ties to the creation of these zombies. We saw a bit of this in the first map so it’s nice to see that developer Sledgehammer Games continuing to expand the lore.

The Darkest Shore will only be available as part of The Resistance DLC Pack. This will release for PS4 first on January 30 and presumably a few weeks later for other platforms. Three new multiplayer maps and one War Mode specific level will also be included. There appears to be no way to buy the zombie map individually, so if you want it then you’ll need to get the other Call of Duty: WWII levels.

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